Tirelessly, we are invited to regretfor a so-called offensive by the forces of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)against the regime of Nouri al-Maliki, suddenly decorated with all virtues. 

An incredible lie that is not even dressed of verisimilitude appearances for those who know the political-strategic outlook of Iraq:

How to make people swallow that a few hundreds of jihadists, some thousand at most, would be able to easilybeatthe army that is generously equipped byMaliki who is supportedby the powerful Iranian neighbor?

How to forget that the Sunni tribes of the west and the north, humiliated and oppressed by Maliki’s government, represent a competent military power that enjoys the support of population of ten provinces?

How do we fall into the trap of a propaganda that assimilates to jihadists the political, military and religious leaders who have risen up merely against a dictatorthat is  Tehran’s puppet, who long for the departure of Maliki, and who show a remarkable sense of responsibility? 

The issue that this or that chief ofISILis delighted with the success of those who are not affiliated to himis a natural matter in the war.It is called “psychological ” war. But the issue that the western governments follow the same trend and, without reliable information, shoe the bloody boots of Maliki, makes no sense.

To become convinced that what ishappening in Iraq is not only welcomed, but is contrary to untrue narrations of Maliki’s propaganda, it is enough to refer to the welcome the people offered to the insurgents and the return of people, including Christians, to their homes—those who say before the cameras they are not scared and even are happy with the return of liberties. 

The United States once againdemonstratesits political immaturity and goesup to the end of its unconsciousness to come closer to Tehran whose leaders rub their hands and abuse the unexpected opportunity to finally conclude a nuclear agreement that is like previous ones and does not change anything in their plans, and provides themwith a precious time to finalizetheirnuclear weapon. 

I say today and here, and I can, unfortunately, announce that the last obstacle to the Iranian mullahs’ entry to the nuclear power club is going to be removed by President Obama. It will be the last step to a disastrous politics that France is not part of it but will have to undergo its sinister consequences.