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Maryam Rajavi on Iran Regime’s Terrorism: Part 3

"All of the privileges and resources that the regime relies on to carry out its terrorist acts in Europe must be taken away from it. The regime's embassies must be closed," said Maryam Rajavi.

The third session of the 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, held by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI),  was focused on tackling the Iranian regime’s terrorism. This call was echoed by all the participants, who also advocated closing Iranian embassies and expelling Iranian agents.

In this short series, we will look at the speech given by Iranian opposition president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi about Iranian Regime terrorism that has primarily targeted the Iranian people and their resistance. In this part, we will talk about Maryam Rajavi’s advice for Western governments.

She began by saying that Western governments have made “catastrophic mistakes” in their response to the regime, by believing that the mullahs’ terrorism is a sign of strength when it is clear that the regime resorts to terrorism when they are faced with uprisings by the people and economic challenges.

Maryam Rajavi said: “It was not the power of the regime that made the expansion of its terrorism and fundamentalism possible, it was [the Western governments’] appeasement policy [as] the ruling mullahs have interpreted [this] as a sign of weakness, encouraging them to increase their aggression.”

She said that Western governments are also mistaken in their “false hope” that concessions will lead the regime to moderation, saying that the regime has previously taken all concessions and still committed terrorism.

So what is the right policy? Firmness. Maryam Rajavi says that international governments must dispense with anything that enables terrorist activity and respond firmly to all of the regime’s criminal acts.

How does the regime advance its terrorist objectives in western countries?

  • Takes advantage of legal, diplomatic, banking, technological, and democratic conditions
  • Enjoys the silence of western governments
  • Deceives western security agencies using fake intelligence to protect terrorists
  • Have agents posing as “political opponents”
  • Hides espionage and terrorist under the guise of opposing the Resistance
  • Propagates the delusion that Western governments would pay a high price if they showed firmness towards the regime

Maryam Rajavi said: “Even in the past two years, the world saw that after the courageous measure of the government of Albania and the expulsion of the regime’s ambassador, the expulsion of its diplomats from France and the Netherlands, the arrest of its diplomat in Germany, and also the elimination of the commander of the terrorist [Revolutionary Guards] Quds Force, the regime has been forced to tread more carefully and limit its activities somewhat. Otherwise, it would have become more emboldened.”

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She explained that governments must stand up to the regime because their bad behavior only grows if international politicians remain silent, in denial, ignorant, or turning a blind eye. This poses a threat to the security and peace of the rest of the world.

Maryam Rajavi said: “As I said at the outset, terrorism is the essence and fundamental nature of this regime and it is inseparable from it. Therefore, the end of its terrorism is inseparable from the end of the regime itself. But, it can at least be curbed and stopped on European soil through some political and tactical measures and steps.”

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