The MEK said that the cruise missiles used in the attack had to have been launched from the missile centre close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) barracks, Ismail Daghayeghi Garrison,  by the navy of the IRGC. The MEK said that the only way to reach the missile centre is through the garrison, producing satellite images to confirm this. The images also show missiles stored in tunnels and “ammunition storage slums” inside the hills.

The MEK said: “This is an important and strategic location for the Iranian regime as it is part of its defence should it be attacked from the Persian Gulf… A significant amount of weaponry and ammunition is stored there.”

The MEK’s revelations show that the international community must act now to stop the regime from carrying out further attacks. After all, Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, according to the USA, and hardly anything has been done to address the problem. In fact, most American administrations turned a blind eye to the regime’s malign behaviour, while some tried to appease the murderous mullahs in the hopes of moderating the troubling actions. Thankfully, the US now seems ready to tackle the regime.

The MEK wrote: “Even before taking office, President Trump said that he will not let the Iranian regime continue to act with impunity. And he has kept to his word and has put a maximum pressure campaign into place. The results speak for themselves and it is now up to the rest of the international community to take similar action and to hold the regime accountable.”

The MEK’s revelations came just after the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, told the UN Security Council that the missiles used in the attack on Saudi Arabia last September were of Iranian origin, something that the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) had said last year when they revealed information implicating the regime in the attack. The NCRI, which is the parent body of the MEK, said that IRGC navy commanders travelled to an airbase in Omidieh. They said that this IRGC unit is supposed to control the northern part of the Persian Gulf, as well as the seas around Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran in the so-called triangle.

The MEK said that holding Iran accountable would not only prevent future attacks but could also change the path that Iran is on.

The MEK wrote: “The people of Iran are desperate for regime change. They have been protesting and holding anti-government demonstrations with greater frequency over the past few years. They are fed up with the regime’s interference abroad and its suppression and oppression at home. The regime is destroying their lives to carry out belligerent acts abroad. It is up to the international community to realize this and take action.”


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