Salami delivered these comments at Friday prayers in Tehran, and he also used the occasion to threaten the West for its Israel policies, saying, “We are confident that Allah’s promises will come true and in the end the Islamic world will be the graveyard of America and the Zionist regime’s policies along with their allies in the region.” The Daily Caller also pointed out that more of this sort of rhetoric has come from the Revolutionary Guards recently, with forty of them signing a letter of warning to the United States at roughly the same time that other Guards claimed to have ballistic missiles capable of defeating Israeli and US radar systems.

The Iranian regime, and particularly the Revolutionary Guards, has a long tradition of making propagandist statements about their military capabilities, usually framed in terms of readiness for war with the US. In the latest example of this, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi was quoted by the state-affiliated Fars news agency over the weekend as saying that Iran’s military and intelligence forms a strong deterrence against attack from all enemies. “The cost of any military intervention against the Islamic Iran [is] unimaginable and beyond the realm of estimate and prediction for the enemies,” Fadavi said. Rather than specifying the nature of this deterrence, he lauded the fact that Iran’s measures and tactics are “unknown” to other countries, and therefore unpredictable.