In its latest threat, an official said that if the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Crops (IRGC) is designated as a terrorist organisation by the United States, the regime would have no other option but to deal with the US in the same way that it has been dealing with ISIS.

This is the perfect example of Iran’s distorted vision of itself. But does it really believe that Iran defeated ISIS and removed it from Syria and Iraq? Where do the Iraqis and the supporting coalition forces led by the US come into Iran’s twisted version of the story?

If ISIS had been given the opportunity to continue on its rampage across the region without international intervention, it would have not only taken Baghdad in Iraq, but it would have undoubtedly have headed straight for Tehran and on to Qom as it did with Mosul.

However, the international community stepped in. Thankfully. If the US Air Force and all the joint forces had not intervened, ISIS would have gone to the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian military is all talk. It has a few missiles of very poor quality that have been made using technology from North Korea. They would have a hard time hitting targets.

he Iranian military would never have been able to fight and defeat ISIS on its own. It nearly had control of Assad’s forces along with the Iranian-backed militias and the notorious Hezbollah. To ensure that ISIS did not defeat Assad’s side and take over Damascus, Russia had to intervene with its air forces.

So how can the Iranian military have the nerve to threaten one of the strongest militaries in the world when it has almost just been crushed by a terrorist group!
The Iranian regime is very keen on pretending that its military strength is much stronger than it really is. It likes to make a huge show of any victories and will claim achievements that are not its own.

One explanation to Iran’s over-exaggerated bravado is that thanks to the Obama administration, Iran really does believe that it is a regional power. Former President Barack Obama failed to stand up to the Iranian regime and he let it get away with its destruction across the Middle East with no consequences.

Obama was too scared to take any strong, decisive and effective action that would have made a difference to the situation in the region. For this reason, the Iranian regime got its strength. It had power over one of the world powers. Yet, this itself does not make Iran a strong country. Its military is weak and is not capable of surviving any battles without outside help.