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Tehran Doesn’t Limit Its Terrorism to a Single Bombing

Assadollah Assadi insists on his diplomatic title, admitting that Iran's foreign ministry is involved in terrorism.

This article is part of our series that explores Tehran’s terror activities and Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi‘s role in a bombing plot against the opposition rally in Paris in June 2018.

A Belgian court will soon announce its verdict in the terrorism trial of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi and his three accomplices, who all stand accused of taking part in a plot to blow up the 2018 Free Iran rally in France.

But that is not the end of Assadi’s problems because he now faces a new investigation in Germany, which appears to prove that the Iranian Resistance was right to say that Iran’s embassies in Europe are used for espionage and terrorism.

Who Is Assadollah Assadi, the Iranian Diplomat on Trial for Terrorism Charges?

What Is Assadi Accused of?

Belgian prosecutors said that Assadi, who was stationed at the Iranian embassy in Austria, was the regime’s chief intelligence officer, who took orders from the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

He smuggled explosives into Europe in his diplomatic luggage, hand-delivered it to two accomplices in Luxembourg with detailed instructions about setting it off, and then drove back to Austria, but he never made it. He was arrested in Germany on July 1 and police found a green notebook detailing his actions, travel, and payments made to operatives regarding the bomb plot.

The notebook showed that Assadi made at least 289 visits to different countries; 144 of which were to Germany, so the German Federal Criminal Court (BKA) is investigating this on the orders of the Attorney General.

The deputy director of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI) German headquarters told Al-Arabiya that they have evidence of Iranian sleeper cells across Europe commanded by Assadi, including a network of embassy workers who misuse their diplomatic facilities.

Impacts of Iranian Diplomat Assadollah Assadi Trial

“Forty percent and specifically 144 out of 289 meetings of Assadi with his agents were held in Germany. This implies two things. First, a large part of [the regime’s] network is located in Germany, and Germany is the scene of the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities,” said Javad Dabiran.

In fact, last month, the NCRI released a statement regarding a terror plot where an Iranian resident of Germany, identified only as “Mr. G.D.,” was pressured into gathering information on the Resistance in Germany. These plots are the result of weak responses by Europe to the regime.

Assadi has claimed diplomatic immunity and refused to appear in court, but it seems likely that this was on the orders of the regime officials who ordered the attack.

In order to make Europe safe, they should immediately shut down Iran’s embassies and expel Iran’s agents, which will set and precedent and end Iran’s terrorism in Europe.

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