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Terrorist Muhandis Killed in US Drone Strike

You may not have heard of him, as much media focus has been on Soleimani, but Muhandis, born Jamal Jafar Ibrahim in 1954, is an evil man whose malign actions, including the murders of Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) members in Iraq in 1999, earned him a place on the US terrorist list.

On November 2, 1999, at roughly 7.30 pm, the Iranian regime attacked the MEK’s Camp Habib, which is only 35 kilometers from Iran’s border, using a large truck carrying 2.5 tons of explosives. This blast left a 12-meter wide crater next to the base, killed five MEK, and injured dozens. A number of Iraqi civilians near the blast site were also killed or injured.

Muhandis had relocated to Iran shortly after finishing university in the late 1970s and received training in a camp. Then, he moved to Kuwait, where he took part in political and security measures against the Iraqi government. During that time, he is also accused of planning bombings of the US and French embassies in Kuwait, which left five people dead.

In 2003, he returned to Iraq as a security advisor to then-Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari. His past was discovered by the US in 2007 and Muhandis returned to Iran until all US forces left Iraq in 2011. Then, he became deputy chief of Hashd al-Shaabi, the Iraqi militia equivalent of Iran’s paramilitary Basij force.

There is no doubt, that he was an Iran Regime stooge.

Muhandis told Iraq’s Al-Sharqiya TV in February 2019: “I have very strong relations with the Islamic Republic and their officials because I lived in the Islamic Republic of Iran for 25 years and have worked with them… I have many contacts with different Shiite and Sunni political groups and Kurds. This goes way back and is nothing new. I was present in Najaf (southern Iraq) during the first and second seditions. Our friends in the government in that period know that from May 2004 to the end of that year, they know that I used my personal assets to quell the fire in Najaf and strived to end the war.”

In fact, during the floods in Iran last year, the mullahs’ regime ordered the Quds Force to dispatch Iraqi mercenaries, including Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi members, to Khuzestan in southwest Iran to contain the locals’ growing anger.

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