Camp Liberty under heavy attack – No. 4
Urgent: Rocket attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq

Among the rockets fired this evening at Camp Liberty were 122-mm Katyusha rockets and others similar to Russian NB-24 rockets which the Iranian regime calls Falaq.
A number of other PMOI (MEK) members martyred in the rocket attack on Camp Liberty are Abutaleb Hashemi, Hamid Dehqan, Kiomars Yousefi, and Hossein Gandomi.
The identity of two of the martyrs has not yet been confirmed.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 29, 2015



Camp Liberty under heavy attack – No. 3

Urgent: Attack and very heavy missile barrage of Camp Liberty in Iraq

According to the latest information received from Camp Liberty, over 80 missiles of all types have been hit the camp that houses Iranian opposition members.
Craters as deep as 2 meters and 3.5 meter wide have been created in some impact areas.
The intensity of the explosions are to the extent that many housing units and their protective T-walls have been destroyed or fallen down.


URGENT: At least 20 PMOI members martyred in attack on Camp Liberty.