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Using cyber warfare against Iran

Well Ehud Schneorson said, on Sunday, that during any future conflict with Iran or Hezbollah, we should use cyber warfare to attack their energy infrastructure.

He said: “Energy is a major pillar of economies, and for some it is their cardiovascular system.”

This is true, Iran’s oil and gas sectors are practically the only thing that is keeping their failing economy alive and keeping their suppressive forces fighting. By targeting the energy sector, Iran’s enemies would basically cut the Regime’s forces off at their knees, which would be more beneficial than neutralizing their weapons systems.

It is also much more humane and less risky to target the energy sector, rather than the healthcare or banking systems that are routinely targeted by hackers attacking the West. It would not harm the Iranian people or have a “butterfly effect” on the international financial markets.

If such an attack on the energy sector was carefully planned and executed, then it would allow for multiple follow up attacks to go unnoticed, thus further weakening the Regime.

Stopping cyber attacks

Of course, the biggest issue is preventing cyber attacks from Iran that can target the defence, healthcare, and banking systems.

Some people like Yaron Rosen have advocated a cyberspace SWAT team and system of deterrence, but this would likely be a tough thing to implement.

Instead, one thing that is likely to work is offering support to the Iranian people and their organised resistance forces as the fight for regime change.

Regime change

The mullahs do not have the military capability for an actual war, which is why they resort to using suppressive proxies, like Hezbollah and Hamas, across the Middle East as well as cyber warfare. The Regime is even scared of its own people, seeking to suppress protest and civil disobedience through all possible means.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is dedicated to a free and democratic Iran that does not use cyber warfare against the West and strives for peace. We know that this is not possible from the mullahs – they have not changed their behaviour in the past 40 years. That’s why Regime change, which will be the main topic at the NCRI’s Free Iran gathering in Paris on June 30, is the only option.

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