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Maryam Rajavi and the Rights of Women in Iran

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian opposition, is committed to improving the lives of all Iranians in a future free Iran, but today, we will look at her commitment to women’s rights. Here are the ten ways Maryam Rajavi plans to improve women’s status in Iran.

Iranian State Security Forces Ratchet up Repressive Measures Against Women

By INU Staff

INU - Iranian police aggression against women who break the harsh dress codes has exacerbated. Ayoub Soleimani, the deputy commander of the Iranian police, spoke of “serious reactions” against women who do not adhere to the regime's veiling rules.

FIFA Ejects Fans Over Slogans but Compromises With Iran on Stadium Ban for Women

By INU Staff

INU - On Tuesday, the BBC reported that the international soccer federation, FIFA, had apologized and expressed commitment to a different application of its policies after two fans were kicked out of the Women’s World Cup match between Canada and New Zealand because of slogans on their t-shirts. The slogans reflected the effort of the Open Stadiums movement to convince Iranian authorities to reverse their decades-long ban on the presence of female spectators at male sporting events.

Iran: Forced Marriage for Women Results in High Suicide Levels

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Women’s rights in Iran are despicable. The Iranian regime does not see women as valuable members of society and has ignored the feminist movement that sees women’s rights advancing every day all over the world. They are not allowed to attend certain social events if males are present, they do not have equality in the workplace, they have an imposed dress code and have even less freedom than their male counterparts.

Women Continue to Be Persecuted in Iran

By Mahmoud Hakamian

The Iranian regime is under immense pressure on several fronts – the domestic front, the international front and on the economic front. It is helpless as to how to remedy the situation because it is running out of options, but it always resorts back to cracking down further on the people of Iran.

Recent reports form inside the country suggest that the security forces have been targeting women, especially by tightening and enforcing regulations regarding the compulsory veiling.

Tensions Growing Between Female Activists and Sexist Iranian Institutions

By Edward Carney

On Monday, the Center for Human Rights in Iran reported upon the sentencing of a female political prisoner by the name of Hengameh Shahidi, who has been charged with “propaganda against the state,” “insulting officials,” and “spreading falsehoods” on the basis of social media posts in which she criticized the head of the Iranian judiciary.


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