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INU - On the eve of International Women's Day, a member of Iran's new parliament has claimed that Parliament is not a place for women, adding that it is a “man’s place.”

BY INU Staff
INU- On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that women had been barred from attending a men’s Beach Volleyball World Tour competition that recently took place over five days on Iran’s Kish Island. The incident has re-focused attention upon the controversy over Iran’s policy of separating men and women in such public places as sports venues. More specifically, it has  re-focused attention upon campaigns to encourage international governing bodies to put pressure on the Iranian government to relax the stadium ban.

“Women and adolescent girls also face much greater risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, violence and forced marriage during conflicts and natural disasters,” a United Nations official announced marking the World Population Day.

By INU staff
INU - On Friday, the South African newspaper The Star published an editorial by journalist Shannon Ebrahim in which she described the differences between two trips she had taken to Iran: one 12 years ago and one just recently, during the tenure of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Ebrahim explained that on the surface, women look freer in Iran today, with fewer women wearing the traditional chador and less backlash against attire that might include pants and colorful headscarves.

(Reuters) - Poet Simin Behbahani, a champion of women's rights and free speech whose lyrical verse captured the hopes and disappointments of Iranians since the 1979 revolution, died on Tuesday at the age of 87, official media reported.

NIU- According to the latest statistics provided by the Civil Registry Organization of Iran, the first 9 of months of Iranian calendar year 1392 (March – November, 2013) saw the registration of 31,000 marriages of young girls under the age of 15. One third of the total marriages during this time involve girls under the age of 19, Deuche welle website reported on July 7, 2014. 

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