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Women Continue to Be Persecuted in Iran

By Mahmoud Hakamian

The Iranian regime is under immense pressure on several fronts – the domestic front, the international front and on the economic front. It is helpless as to how to remedy the situation because it is running out of options, but it always resorts back to cracking down further on the people of Iran.

Recent reports form inside the country suggest that the security forces have been targeting women, especially by tightening and enforcing regulations regarding the compulsory veiling.

Tensions Growing Between Female Activists and Sexist Iranian Institutions

By Edward Carney

On Monday, the Center for Human Rights in Iran reported upon the sentencing of a female political prisoner by the name of Hengameh Shahidi, who has been charged with “propaganda against the state,” “insulting officials,” and “spreading falsehoods” on the basis of social media posts in which she criticized the head of the Iranian judiciary.

Fearing Arrest, Iran’s Female Boxer Shines Light on Women’s Rights Issues

By Edward Carney

On Sunday, Al Monitor published an article examining the case of Sadaf Khadem, a female Iranian boxer who made headlines earlier this month when she won her first match against a foreign competitor after traveling to France for an officially sanctioned bout. The match was widely described as the first such opportunity for an Iranian woman, thereby lending more weight to Khadem’s victory. But despite the prior approval of Iran’s sports authority, Khadem cancelled her return trip out of fear that she would be arrested upon setting foot back in Iran.

In Iran, Women’s Political Participation a Trick Used to mislead West

By INU Staff

INU- One of the Iranian regime’s official state-run websites published an article at the beginning of the Persian New Year that discussed the reasons for the failure of women’s political participation.

Iran’s women are ruthlessly suppressed, no matter what the mullahs claim

By INU Staff

INU- When the Iranian Regime celebrated its 40th-anniversary last month, the mullahs boasted about a reported increase in female literacy and college education for women and claimed it as one of their crowning achievements.

Why Western women should support Maryam Rajavi

By INU Staff

INU- Iranian women are some of the most repressed in the world and they’ve been suffering under a theocratic dictatorship that restricts their rights in all sectors of their lives for the past 40 years. The bearded misogynists who rule Iran, led by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, care nothing for the lives of women and never will.

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