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Many of the discriminatory bills proposed during Ahmadinejad’s tenure have become law during Rouhani’s administration.Source UPI- By Edit Bauer- Hope and change, two of the buzzwords of President Obama’s election campaign (and the campaigns of most incoming leaders) feature prominently in talk concerning Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani amongst the international community. For Iran’s populace and women in particular, however, there have been only two real changes: a change in the regime’s rhetoric and a change in domestic abuses, which have deteriorated even further since Rouhani’s tenure. As for hope, the only real hope that remains for a positive development resides in international action.

NCRI- A group of Iraqi women have demonstrated in Baghdad against a draft law approved by the Iraqi cabinet that would permit the marriage of nine-year-old girls.

Source: - International Women’s Day (IWD): March 2014 – Nitin Raj, on the issue of outstanding services of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who has been selected by God Believers Association (GBA), social NGO, formerly known as National Integration Assembly (NIA), with a credit of about 5 decade-noble- service of World Peace and honored many head of States and special personalities since 1980 including Mrs. Indira Gandhi, leader of the Non-aligned Movement, Her Majesty the Queen of England, among others. The GBA has finally declared the top rare honor in collaboration with International Reporter and Media International.

Source: Townhall- Linda Chavez 

International Women's Day, celebrated this week for the 106th year, marks continued progress for women across the world, but that progress has been reversed in countries where Islamic fundamentalism has taken hold. And nowhere is women's freedom more under official assault than in Iran. 

NCRI - The Iranian mullahs are installing closed-circuit cameras in girls' schools across the country in the latest in a wave of suppressive measures against women in the regime.

Baku. Real Jafarli – APA. A woman has been executed in Tehran province of Iran. APA reports that thought the charges brought against her are unknown, she had been reportedly waiting for the death penalty in the jail for 13 years.


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