By INU Staff
INU - In an August 14 article for the NCRI’s Women’s Committee photographs were displayed on numerous billboards and placards posted in cities across the country.  

In an attempt to impose the compulsory veil on women, they will not be allowed public services if they do not were the head-to-toe black veil or Chador. Iranian women must wear the Chador in order to enter certain places.

On a banner posted outside the "National Library" it reads, “In this cultural place, it is mandatory to observe the Islamic Hijab.” Women may not enter the national library with shawls or scarves.

 At a clinic called "Kowsar." The placard reads in part: Beginning on July 23, 2015, this clinic will serve only women who wear the Chador…

 A billboard in the city, posted by the Public Relations of the Municipality's Islamic Council of Chardangeh, forbids women from wearing clothes with foreign-language writings on them. It reads, “My dear sister, these types of clothing are not suitable for Muslim women.”