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Iran: Political Prisoner Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee Finally Allowed Meeting with Her Mother

She told the interviewer, ”the forces were dressed in civilian clothes and Golrokh asked them to give her time to take her medicine but they prevented her and asked her what the use of medicine will be since she doesn’t have long to live.” 

“They have taken Golrokh blindfolded and handcuffed in front of the neighbors and they put her in the car and took her to Evin Court. In the court, Golrokh explained about the security agent’s mistreatment with her during the arrest and how they prevented her from taking her Asthma medications as well as her other stuff. After a lot of struggle, they have finally accepted to go to her house with three policemen to take her medications and stuff. She was then transferred to Evin Prison,” her mother said. 

She talked about Golrokh’s current situation, ”Golrokh is very much concerned about Arash’s (her imprisoned husband) hunger strike because he takes medicine and he is injured in shoulder area while he was being detained by the Revolutionary Guards forces.  Golrokh has requested from the prosecutor of Evin Prison called Hajiloo to make Arash halt his hunger strike and Hajiloo has told her that she is banned from receiving the visitors unless Arash stops his hunger strike.” 

Because of her operation just days ago, and the fact that she is on a waiting list for back surgery, Golrokh’s Mother stressed that she could only visit Golrokh this once, and she is unsure if there will be any further visits.  

Arash Sadeghi is a civil activist who is now imprisoned in Evin prison. He went on a hunger strike on 24th October 2016 to protest against the detention of his wife, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee. Prison guards told Arash that he is banned from visiting his wife until he halts his hunger strike.

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