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Iran’s morality police shut more than 15 women’s clothing stores in a raid

Further four factories and a number of shops have also been closed down in Isfahan, after the police conducted morning and afternoon raids and inspections, without an advance warning. The manufacturers have been told by officials to re-design their clothes so that they fit what the Iranian government considers to be the proper Islamic dress code. According to this, women are “expected to cover their heads, wear trousers and a long sleeved coat or tunic that reaches to the mid-thigh or knee.”

Elaheh Azimfar, from the National Council of Resistance of Iran, has shunned these measures as completely irrelevant to Islam and to the standards of this religion. Instead, he sees the raids as another act, designed by Hassan Rouhani’s led regime to suppress Iranian women. He also noted that, despite the raids, there is a high degree of opposition, particularly among the country’s youth and the female population.

This act of suppression is just another in a series of events. Women cyclists have also fallen prey to the regime’s repressing raids – a group of women were arrested last week in the city of Marivan, which lies in Iran’s Kurdistan Province. They were forced to sign for never cycling in public again. Some eyewitness accounts have stated that the security forces who arrested the women, did so under a new government order which bans women from being able to cycle in public. 

Afchine Alavi, from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI, has likened these acts of suppression to the approaches used by ISIS. He stated that the mindset employed by the regime that currently rules Iran is “no different to the culture of Daesh.” He argues that the Iranian regime is forced to come up with more and more brutal methods to exercise its power. “Misogyny is a cornerstone of this mindset,” he said.


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