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Iran’s Women Victims of the Mullahs’ Ideology

Iran’s police arrest young women for mal-veiling.

One of the very destructive phenomena that has become now prevalent in Iran, because of the domination of the reactionary thought of the regime, is violence against the women.

The state-run media have declared this disaster as ‘spouse killing’. State-run daily Fararu on June 9, 2021, on this subject wrote:

“In the past few days, the news of the murder of five women by their relatives in the cities of Kermanshah, Saqez, and Ilam had been published. Of course, four of them were killed by their husbands. This caused a group of women activists and social media users to react to this issue and criticize the phenomenon of ‘spouse killing.’”

A social media user on this subject wrote: “Every year, between 375 and 450 women in Iran are killed by family men. At least one woman is killed every day in Iran for being a woman and under misleading pretenses such as family reputation and honor.”

On June 8, the news of the discovery of the burnt body of a young woman from Saqez frustrated the users of social networks. The body of the woman belongs to a 26-year-old woman with the identity of Negin (Galaleh) Sheikhi. Her burnt body was discovered on the road from Sanandaj to Saqez in a place called ‘Chapan Sofla’ by the regime’s intelligence agents. According to media reports, Negin Sheikhi was killed by her fiancé, who was also one of her relatives.

Before this event on June 5 in Ilam province, ‘A 35-year-old man killed his wife with a cold weapon (stabbed) and fled the scene,’ said Jamal Mousavi, the province’s police chief, about a woman who was killed by her husband.

After this incident, on June 6, another news was published about the murder of two women in Kermanshah. Explaining the incident, Col. Alireza Daliri, the Kermanshah police chief, said that a person went to his ex-wife’s house, and shot and killed his ex-wife and her sister too.

Iran, cardboard sleeping women

Colonel Mohammadzaman Beigi, the police commander of Darrehshahr city, explained about such a crime in this city and said: “Police officers were immediately dispatched to the scene to investigate the incident. As a result of the investigation by the law enforcement officers, it was revealed that a 38-year-old man killed his wife with a firearm due to a family dispute, and another person was wounded, then he fled the scene.”

But that is not the entire story, a story of repression of the women and its effects. In the middle of the regime’s sham-election debates a frustrated sociologist, Amanallah Gharie Moghadam, revealed a corner of this repression against the country’s women and said: “The class divide has widened the poverty line, leaving 30 million people below the poverty line. The increase of ‘cardboard sleepers’ (homeless) among teenagers and women has also increased and no one is responsible.”

This sociologist questioned the candidates of the election and said: “Why don’t candidates talk about these issues? Why don’t they see the social harm? In the past, men in society sacrificed their lives for the honor (women) of others because they considered them to be their own honor.”

“But now these issues are no longer known. Women have been hurt since the economy ran into trouble. The cardboard sleeping of the society’s honor (women) is horrible, but it has happened, and no one is accountable. Do the candidates who claimed to have plans have a plan for this harm?” (Eghtesad-e-Pouya, June 8, 2021)

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