The move comes after plans by the Science Ministry to begin the same-sex segregation of universities across the country.

The state-run Qanoun newspaper wrote: “The issue of installing cameras in girls’ schools has been under discussion for several years.

“However, with the new academic year beginning, this plan will be implemented widely, especially in private schools, which has raised objections from parents.

“The member of the Education and Research Commission in parliament, Abulqasem Khosravi, has stated regarding the installation of the cameras in schools that there is no particular law or bill issued for this plan, but that it comes under the regulations of the Schools’ Education bureau.

“Installing cameras in girls’ schools has become a pervasive process, and currently many girls’ schools in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Torbat and Haidarieh are monitoring students with these cameras.”

One unnamed student told the paper: “They control us in almost every part of the school with the cameras, in the cafeteria, the restroom, the hallway and the school yard.”

Meanwhile, the financial and executive deputy of the Science Ministry has announced the creation of 13 segregated universities across the country, ISNA news agency reported.

Ali Akbar Motakan claimed that the establishment of women-only universities was a positive measure of the previous government, adding: “It is very sad that some people say the policy of the Science Ministry is based on segregation. There are segregated universities all over the world.”

The measures have prompted protests and public attacks on anti-vice police by Iranian women in recent weeks, prompting a special session in the parliament was held to discuss ways to counter the defiance.

The National Security and Foreign Affairs Commission and Cultural Commission as well as Tehran’s police and Basij paramilitary held the urgent meeting on July 23 after three incidents of women defying female officers in public.

The committee said it discussed new ways to protect those who ‘promote virtue and prevent vice’ on the streets of Iran.