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NCRI’s Webinar on International Women Day

How Iranian women rise up for freedom and equality in the face of an utter misogynist mullahs’ regime was the topic of an global webinar held on March 8, marking International Women’s Day.

On International Women Day, the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) co-hosted an online conference alongside The International Committee for a Democratic Iran, and the British Committee for Iran Freedom, shedding light on horrific and systematic violations of women’s rights in Iran and Iranian women’s struggle for freedom, equality, and their inherent rights.

How Iranian women rise up for freedom and equality in the face of an utter misogynist mullahs’ regime in Iran was the topic of the global webinar. At the event, a distinguished slate of dignitaries joined NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi, the keynote speaker at the event, in providing their take on the struggles of women across the globe, and especially those inside Iran and in the Iranian Resistance as their 42-year struggle against the mullahs.

Sarvenaz Chitsaz

“The women of MEK have been fighting against the misogynist regime of Iran. They have always been committed to their people’s resistance and freedom. These struggling women are the real heroines of women’s rights and human rights in Iran. We in the Iranian Resistance are determined to achieve freedom and equality,” said Sarvenaz Chitsaz, Chair of the NCRI’s Women’s Committee.

Baroness Verma

“The IWD campaign for 2021 is ‘Choose To Challenge.’ We can all help to create an inclusive world. It is important that this conference brings us all together, men and women. My sisters in the Iranian Resistance are taking the highest risks to free all Iranian women. They are fighting for equality,” said Baroness Verma, Member of House of Lords, Former Energy & Climate Change Minister, and former International Development Minister.

Maryam Rajavi

“Women’s struggle and sacrifice have been and are the foundations of progress and the guarantee for democracy in our world. And henceforth, a world without injustice, oppression, fundamentalism, and poverty hinges on women’s struggle,” said NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi.

The outcome of the significant gender gap in Iran is the imposition of extreme poverty on women and the denial of many of their most basic rights,” she added.

“The misogynous regime wants to preserve its rule through repression. However, Iranian women play critical roles in challenging the regime and pushing the situation towards overthrowing the mullahs… This is because women have tolerated the most oppression and suppression at the hands of this regime. As a result, they have greater motivation to end this regime,” Mrs. Rajavi emphasized.

“All those concerned about the threats posed by this regime to the international community must support Iranian women’s resistance… Efforts to contain and control the regime’s nuclear program will not succeed unless they are coupled with firmness against violations of the human rights of the people of Iran,” NCRI President-elect continued.

“Call on your governments to make economic and political ties with the criminal mullah regime conditional upon respect for human rights in Iran, especially women and prisoners’ rights.

“There is a long line of women who are resisting in prisons across Iran. And although there is not much talk about them, they are among the most resistant fighters for human rights.

“In the name of the equality movement, I urge all advocates of gender equality across the world to support the arisen women of Iran and the Iranian people’s uprising for freedom,” Mrs. Rajavi ended.

Baroness Harris

“We know how appallingly women in Iran are treated and we stand in solidarity with you as you fight the tyranny of the mullahs.
You stand at the forefront of the battle for human rights and for a fair, free and democratic country following Madam Rajavi’s ten-point plan, which is a blueprint for freedom,” said Baroness Harris of Richmond, Deputy Speaker of the British House of Lords.

Baroness Eaton

“Why is the clerical regime so desperate to fight women in every form and shape it can? It has executed 120,000 of the best people of Iran. Iran has taken no action to ratify gender discrimination. Women took leadership roles to not only fight for their own rights but to lift their nation from the dark depths of a medieval regime,” said Baroness Eaton, member of the House of Lords.

Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela

“The women of Iran have been subject to extreme atrocities. The regime’s constitution proclaims equality between women and men. However, Sharia law discriminates against women. All major religions believe all people are equal. The Islamic regime sees women as its enemies. My heart weeps for those who have lost their lives,” said Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela, human rights activist and granddaughter of the late Nelson Mandela.

Laura Farris

“For so many women around the world, the struggle for equality has barely started. For women in Iran, even their most basic rights have been neglected. It is an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with women in Iran in their struggle,” said British MP Laura Farris.

Lord Alton

“Iran’s women are denied their most basic rights, they have no protection in their own homes and they can’t even choose their own clothing. One of the regime’s most overlooked victims are the mothers of the Iranian activists who have been cruelly executed,” said Lord Alton of Liverpool, Member of the House of Lords.

Jennifer Carol McNeill

“We understand the impact of a theocratic regime on the people of a country. On this day, we stand in solidarity with the brave Iranian women who have been standing at the forefront of the anti-regime protests,” said Jennifer Carol McNeill, Member of Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament), Spokesperson on Equality.

Ranjana Kumari

“To the brave sisters of the Iranian Resistance, I send my greetings. Your determination is a source of inspiration to the women of Iran. The women of Iran have led a brave struggle for freedom in Iran. We are proud to have played a part in this struggle, even if it is small. Today, a new generation of women have entered the struggle,” said Ranjana Kumari, Director of the Centre for Social Research (India), senior professional in Gender Equality at the UN.

Matthew Offord

“The women of Iran deserve our support and greater international recognition in their struggle against the brutal regime of Iran. I want to highlight the case of Nazanin Zaghari Radcliffe. She has finished her sentence and must be released,” said British MP Dr. Matthew Offord.

Baroness Cox

“I want to take this opportunity to express my solidarity with the women in Iran. I also want to thank Madam Rajavi for her explicit remarks. I’m encouraged to hear of your ten-point plan that is completely in contrast to the mullahs’ regime,” said Baroness Cox, Crossbench Member of the House of Lords.

Theresa Villiers

“This is an opportunity to pay tribute to brave women in Iran and around the world who stand up to misogyny. The regime in Iran has reduced women to second-class citizens. By contrast, Madam Rajavi leads a movement that embraces women’s rights and empowers women to pursue their equal opportunities and shape their country’s future,” said Theresa Villiers, British MP and former minister.

Sir David Amess

“We believe discrimination exists against women throughout the world. In countries like Iran, it is getting worse. The Iranian regime is creating more concern and worries for the world while the Iranian Resistance movement is creating hope for progress,” said British MP Sir David Amess.

Jane Dodds

“We know that the flame of feminism is so alive in Iran. Here in Wales, we have democracy. In Iran, we know how underrepresented women are. In 2016, women in Iran were arrested for peaceful protests,” said Jane Dodds, Leader of Welsh Liberal Democrats.

David Jones

“We remember those brave women who continue to defy the Iranian regime despite their harsh conditions. We urge our government and the international community to put pressure on the regime to release political prisoners,” said David Jones, British MP and former Secretary of State for Wales.

Anna Fotyga

“We have to know that today, we face the murderous and extremely cruel regime of Iran. Today, I will focus on the courageous women of Iran, leading the struggle for freedom in their country, facing unbelievable atrocities. There were women, victims of capital punishment in Iran,” said Anna Fotyga, MEP and former Foreign Minister of Poland.

Amber Rudd

“The women of Iran endure much, and they are very brave to object. It is remarkable. They have to endure a religious regime that gives them very few rights. They don’t have access to law and welfare that we women in the West take for granted,” said Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, former Minister for Women and Equalities and Home Secretary.

Steve McCabe

“Sadly, today, Iran is not a place that celebrates women. Iranian authorities have no respect for their own people or other countries. The men in charge of the IRGC, the mullahs who torture, murder, and rape, they don’t respect diplomacy. Concessions are a sign of caving in,” said British MP, Steve McCabe.

Bob Blackman

“I express my support for and send my best wishes to the Iranian women who are shouldering the main responsibility and hard task to bring down one of the most oppressive regimes in history and in our time,” said Bob Blackman, British MP, Co-Chairman of the International Committee of Parliamentarians for a Democratic Iran.

Catherine Noone

“The situation in Iran is particularly bad. Iran is at the top of countries with records of violence against women. Women’s rights will never be achieved under the rule of the mullahs. Violence against women is institutionalized in the law,” said former Senator Catherine Noone of Fine Gael.

Anthea McIntyre

“I find it sickening to see European officials pursuing trade relations, appeasing mullahs, and ignoring their human rights abuses, especially against women. The regime of mullahs’ president Hassan Rouhani has increased restrictions against women,” said Anthea McIntyre, former MEP from the UK.

Zinat Mirhashemi

“In Iran, we have well-educated women who are challenging the regime, and on the other hand, we have a brutal regime that is repressing the people and their freedoms. The rules and laws of the mullahs’ regime support violence against women,” said Zinat Mirhashemi, member of the NCRI and the Central Committee of the Cherik-hay-e Fedaii Organization (OIPFG).

Christian Wakeford

“The people of Iran are held back by a brutal regime that has poor views on women and human rights. The women of Iran are ready to thrive, but they are held back. They have strong supporters across the globe. We will do anything we can to help the cause of women in Iran,” said British MP Christian Wakeford.

Struan Stevenson

“Young Iranian women are becoming increasingly engaged in the growing opposition to the mullah’s corrupt regime. They are joining the Resistance Units that are springing up in every town and city in Iran,” said Struan Stevenson, coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change in Iran and a former MEP from Scotland.

Sir Roger Gale

“The Iranian people are the victims of the poor choices made by the regime. For the UK-Iran relationship to be meaningful, the UK must build on our values shared with the Iranian people… The UK government must engage with the pro-democracy resistance movement, the NCRI, and president-elect Madam Rajavi,” said Sir Roger Gale, Senior British MP, UK Representative at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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