The regime’s prosecutor in Golpayegan, Najafali Alyan, reported by state-run Serat News Agency on April 27, stated that the woman received these lashes as a punishment for having an affair with another man. The woman is presently imprisoned for her involvement in the murder of her husband in July 2012.

It must be remembered that the “Iranian regime’s judiciary is notorious for handing down draconian verdicts without due process, and it has been repeatedly condemned by international human rights organizations,” said the NCRI report.

It stated that this is the first report in state media of a woman being publicly flogged in Iran for a several years.

Human rights activist and member of the NCRI, Farideh Karimi, strongly condemned the flogging and said that this is a new and misogynist measure taken by the Rouhani government in order to supress women. Karimi said it is “extremely disturbing and abhorrent” and female Western politicians visiting Iran “should reconsider such outreaches and their impact in emboldening the regime in its attitude”.

Karimi called on women’s rights organisations and activists to speak out against the “misogynist policies of the regime.” 

This public flogging is another step towards supressing women. Last week, women were targeted by “morality police” over what they call “improper veiling”.