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Iran: Regime’s Fear of Public Hatred

Angry Iranian people set Iran's supreme leader's image on fire, because of the regime's inactions against the coronavirus outbreak in Iran and kept the reality in secrecy intentionally.

The regime’s government, after a period of secrecy and a tragic period of insignificant reaction, now is forced by local officials to mark the situation in areas of the country as ‘red’, which indicates a dangerous situation in these areas.

What is noteworthy about the consequences for the regime in dealing with the virus is their warning of a social explosion and a massive uprising.

And they are warning the regime’s officials about the discrimination between the government’s officials and the people about the medic and quarantine support.

Hossein Naqavi Hosseini, a member of the parliamentary commission for security, is among those who acknowledged this subject and said, “Some people talk about favorable facilities and the good quarantine conditions of the affected authorities and complain about how the authorities are getting good facilities compared to the conditions in the community, while the people can’t even find masks, gloves, and disinfectants.” (Mostaqel Daily, 7 March)

Vatan Emrooz Daily wrote: “Take the Cognitive warfare – corona serious!… At the tactical level, there is a wave of public anger over the country’s management mechanisms and a basis for realizing new chaos-based on hybrid warfare tactics to provide the ground for it, along with other social gaps. (Vatan Emrooz, 9 March)

And Kayhan wrote: “The Social and Political Consequences are the crisis of the coronavirus”, because, “the disease is going beyond the medical borders.” (Kayhan 9 March)

Hossein Kanani Moghaddam, from Iran’s supreme leader’s faction, expressed his concern and wrote: “Political groups should call on all people to support the government and work together to solve this problem. We are all on one ship and we are not going to pierce the ship and expect to reach our intended home.” (Mostaqel Daily, 7 March)

Iran president expressed his fear and said, “Creating transparency and increasing public trust and keeping people informed about events, opportunities, policies, and planning is crucial in the fight against the Coronavirus, so the principle of transparency and timely disclosure of information and reports should be emphasized.” (Hassan Rouhani’s website, 7 March)

Abbas Abdi, from Rouhani’s faction, also acknowledged the people’s disregard for the regime’s words and the ineffectiveness of its repressive machinery and said: “These policies must either be by force, or by acceptance through trust. We have none of these. On the one hand, we do not have a system that can do such things with authority and force and no one dares to violate it. On the other hand, we haven’t trust either.” (Jamaran website, 7 March)

As far as people are concerned, like the other crises, they know the main culprit is the regime and its inhumane policies, a problem that has exacerbated social hatred. The rulers are aware of the deep hatred of the people and are concerned about the people’s reaction. They are well aware that this anger and hatred is approaching a social explosion.

It is not without reason that a former member of the parliament, Yadollah Islami, acknowledged the inability of the mullahs’ government to resolve the various crises that have surrounded the regime and confessed: “Perhaps the continuation of the current method is no longer in the power of the country’s political system. Problems and social realities will impose their sovereignty.” (Mostaqel Daily, 7 March)


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