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Iran regime leader at impasse

Although in his message of Nowruz, Khamenei admitted to the economic downfall and “the devaluation of the national currency, the decline of the purchasing power of people, the closure or slowdown of factories,” ironically in his following speech in Mashhad, by lashing and blaming the western governments that seemed to be jealous! about regime’s astronomical advances! Said: “Today, they (western governments) come to open their blind eyes! to see that in comparison with other nations our best, enormous and advanced industries, are at the top of the list …

In today’s advanced industry of Nano-Technologies, nuclear, missile, biotechnology and in other advanced world techniques we are in the forefront. ” Similar contradiction could be found in Khamenei’s speech in Mashhad.
He accused some of the regime authorities that “have described this year as the year of dangers. I absolutely disagree with that. I believe that with the God’s grace this year is the year of opportunities, facilities and opening.”

Despondent regime-leader seems to have forgotten that during his speech last December, he warned his troops to “stay alert because the U.S, is a cunning enemy and might intend to deceive and hubbub for 2018 but executes his plans in 2019…. Everyone has to be alert at all time, my advice to the Iranian people, specifically the youth and various parts of society, guilds and political currents is to be careful and do not prepare the ground for the enemy, because if we underestimate the enemy, he will be able to strike.

After this speech Khamenei continued to warn his troops and regime’s authorities about the danger awaiting his regime in 2019, since then, the regime’s elements and media kept spreading the very same warning and fear.

it seems that Khamenei has noticed that his warnings has accelerated the defection within regime, because after that, in four speeches he constantly told the regime’s authorities: “don’t be afraid” “don’t lose hope and do not be disappointed” and “don’t let the situation dispirit you” but During his speech in the first day of this Persian year, while forgetting his warnings about the “enemy’s plans” in coming year, Khamenei attacked those regime’s authorities who followed him in warning about the upcoming dangers and said” those who are spreading fear whether willingly or unwillingly are under the influence of enemy’s propaganda.

It is necessary to mention that on March 14th, in a meeting with the members of so-called “Parliament of Experts”, Khamenei counted 11 unsolvable contradictions of his regime and it seems that we should add to this list, for instance the contradiction of Alert and Disappointment.

On one hand, Khamenei needs to warn his thugs to be prepared for facing a danger awaiting the regime in the New Year, (in fact, this warning has terrified and discouraged his troops), on the other hand the Regime-leader and his high-officials are forced to Gasconade and blow their horns to inspirit Basijies.
The result, (if we presume there is one) on one side is spreading incaution and false optimism among his troops and on the other side is Khamenei’s paradoxical fluctuation between solutions.

During his speech, Khamenei admitted to the crushing effects of the sanctions by saying: “we shouldn’t be complaining of sanctions and we shouldn’t be expecting much from their imposers, the U.S and EU” meanwhile he claimed that “sanction could be an opportunity” and cause progress and self-sufficiency.

Another contradiction in Khamenei’s speech was about JCPOA. While wailing about the U.S withdrawal from JCPOA, he complained about the role of the EU for “have been insisting upon us to do not withdraw from JCPOA but in fact they have withdrawn from JCPOA and imposed new sanctions” The desperate Regime-leader has forgotten his own remarks “that if the U.S tear-down the JCPOA we will burn it” he later promised to shred the JCPOA.
Hence he says, that EU has practically withdrawn from JCPOA, but out of desperation, he is clinging to the JCPOA, which he earlier called a total damage.

During his speech, by referring to the INSTEX, the European Financial Chanel Khamenei said “This financial channel is more like a joke. A bitter joke. Just Like in the past, Europeans have stabbed us in the back,” yet he admitted to the non-efficiency of his words: “What I’m saying it doesn’t mean to cut-off all the relations with the Western government, there is no obstruction in this path” He also blamed and accused his own fraction of a fallacy since they have translated his contradictory remarks as withdrawal from the JCPOA and cutting-off all the relations with the EU.

In his new year’s message as well as his speech, Khamenei tried, by faking himself as an opponent and an innocent person, to give solutions to country’s ongoing problems, nonetheless his solutions weren’t but some rhetorical clichés and some “must do” therapies like this: “We marked the past year, as the year of ‘supporting Iranian products.’ I can’t say this motto was completely implemented, however, I can say that, this slogan was acknowledged at a wide scale.”

After announcing this Iranian new calendar year, 1398, as the year of “Production & Growth.” Khamenei claimed: “If production is launched as it should, it can solve both our poor living standards and provide what we are in need of from foreigners, including countries that are our enemies, it can also resolve our unemployment and national currency issues to a significant extent,” Khamenei added.

In his speech, while again faking himself as an innocent observer, Khamenei said: “One sees some weird methods of misuse done by some folks.

The executive branches, the judiciary and other Authorities must control and prevent irregular imports. Khamenei, by mocking Rouhani’s government’s performance in economic field said: “with indolence, lethargy, and lack of motivation we won’t be able to resolve country’s economic crisis, there should be some revolutionary mechanisms and a revolutionary management to control country’s economy.

During his new year’s speech in Mashhad, Khamenei counted almost 60 to-dos and not to-dos and shifted all the responsibility to Rouhani’s government and escaped any responsibility to resolve regime’s issues. That was the reason for which, Rouhani in his new year’s message, by squibbing Khamenei’s dodging responsibility, and underlining the current dangerous situation of the regime said: “we all should be accountable, and do not shift the responsibility to others”.

From Khamenei’s speech and new year’s message, and Rouhani’s new year’s message, we could clearly conclude that the regime faces a very dark year full of crises ahead.
Yet history will not wait for Khamenei to find a solution.
This regime is condemned to downfall, an inevitable future, which will be materialized by the Iranian people and their Resistance movement.

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