Based on the agreement, China benefits the privilege of exploiting southern Iranian cities and islands such as Chabahar, Kish, and Qeshm for 25 years.

Furthermore, they unilaterally retain priority in investments in oil, neutral gas, petrochemical, and transmission sectors. These generous donations to China have prompted objections among Iranian state-run media. “What has raised pessimism and strong positions against the 25-year deal with China is that this strategic document is contrary to Iran’s territorial integrity. Chinese warships and ships attended and plundered Iran’s islands and southern coasts under the pretext of fishing activities,” Jahan-e Sanat daily wrote on July 25.

“Unfortunately, Chinese’s anomalistic and growing avarice for profiteering and gaining more privileges at Iran’s southern water led to establishing trawling methods in the south sea. In this respect, environmental experts have repeatedly called on the permanent prohibition of bottom trawling by non-Iranian trawlers in the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf,” the daily added.

The fact is Chinese trawlers in different sizes are sweep the bottom of Iran’s southern waters for economic profits. On the other hand, the Iranian regime turns a blind eye on the destruction of aquatic environments and beings for political interests.

In recent years, this horrible issue has contributed to a two-third decrease in Iran’s aquatic reserves and sounded alarms about the annihilation of the country’s marine ecosystem. Moreover, this kind of fishing negatively affected Iranian fishers’ businesses and prompted their complaints.

Notably, owners of foreign trawlers, most influential individuals, approximately earn $20,000 per day. In this respect, owners quickly release their ships whenever naval guards impound them. Otherwise, they compel relevant organizations such as fisheries to issue necessary permits to continue their destructive activities.

In recent months, the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei has time and again recommended to his loyalists to trust China and Russia under the pretext of an “orient view.” This is while China has dropped its imports from the Islamic Republic by 70 percent. However, the mullahs still tolerate any humiliating behavior to gain the vote of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent members.

In this respect, the regime has planned to extend its deal with China for 25 other years. Authorities touted the agreement as a strategic document and an instrument to guarantee the mullahs’ rule for the next quarter of a century. However, the embarrassing articles of the accord had even annoyed the regime’s forces.


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For instance, China will invest $280 billion in Iran’s oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors, but the amount may be front-loaded into the first five-year period of the deal. Furthermore, China has been granted the right to delay payments for Iranian products for up to two years.

Also, China will be privileged to pay in soft monies; therefore, the regime will receive no U.S. dollars. The mullahs have offered a total discount of up to 32 percent to China on all oil, gas, and petrochemical purchases. Meanwhile, Chinese companies have been permitted to deploy 5,000 security personnel on the ground in Iran to protect their projects.

In the line of China’s interests, the regime stabbed India in the back and dropped New Delhi from the strategic railway project linking Chabahar Port and the city of Zahedan in southeast Iran. In this context, the mullahs have practically turned Iran into China’s vassal to lengthen their illegal rule in Iran.