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INU - Although the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 world powers provided sanction relief and access to foreign goods, few ordinary Iranians benefitted from it or believe it has led to more jobs, according to a survey by Toronto-based IranPoll in partnership with Bourse & Bazaar, an online business publication focused on the country.

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INU - Mohammad Yousefi, a faculty member at Allameh University, conceded that the Iranian regime is bankrupt on Monday, September 11th, and said Iran's economy faces a serious unemployment crisis. Still, instead of providing solutions for the elimination of unemployment and poverty, the regime continues to announce economic growth indicators that have little meaning for ordinary peoples’ lives.

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INU - Iran is in the process of purchasing billions of dollars of aircraft from Boeing. This controversial deal is causing waves of backlash.

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INU State-run Vatan-e-Emrouz newspaper has published a report on the deterioration of the country’s economic conditions. On Monday, September 11, 2017, the newspaper acknowledged that the US Dollar is close to 4000-toman barrier, and that considering the travel currency now offered at open market rates, it will soon enter the 4000-toman channel. However, while state experts say that Rouhani’s government has made efforts to compensate for its budget deficit, the newspaper says that “earning money through raising the value of foreign currencies is like putting your hand in people’s pockets.”

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Iran’s manufacturing sector is in dire need of a major revamp, as they are currently being out produced and undercut by other countries.

By: Mohammad Amin

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The attractive trade table with Iran involves risks and obstacles that could cause damage.

After a lengthy negotiation, the Renault Group finalized a contract for a joint venture with Iranian carmakers on 7 August. According to the terms of the contract, Renault Group will hold 60% of the company shares, the Iranian state company IDRO (Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran) will hold 20% and the remaining 20% will return to "Negin-Khodro" another apparently private company. The stated objective is to increase the production of different models of Renault vehicles in Iran to 150,000 units per year.

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