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WASHINGTON -- Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee scolded the Obama administration Tuesday for calling supporters of tougher sanctions against Iran war mongers who are threatening controversial talks to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The windfall of profit the Iranian regime received as part of ongoing nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 may have saved it from economic catastrophe, but they’re not out of the woods yet.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama is expected to defend his nuclear deal with Iran when he addresses the American public in his annual State of the Union speech on Tuesday, as a rebellious Congress grows suspicious of the pact to lift some sanctions on the regime in exchange for limited inspections of its nuclear program.

President Obama jolted Americans awake in November when he agreed to a suspicious deal with Iran to preserve its nuclear program. Now it’s the president who’s surprised — Congress wants him to actually hold the Islamic republic to its word. The idea of “peace through strength” has been banished from Washington’s playbook, so it’s encouraging to see Congress, including several prominent members of the president’s own party, attempting to hold the president accountable as he sues for peace at an unknown price.

According to ILNA Iranian regime news agency over 2000 workers from thirty different factories in city of Qazvin signed a petition condemning the management and the personnel responsible for running the factories. In this petition they condemned the theft and looting of the company assets by the managing staff, and called for an investigation.

Iraj Hosami, President of the Association of northern Iran Tea Workers during an interview said the remaining payment from the local  purchase of green tea leaves guarantees is still unpaid. He added if the remaining payment of the claims is not paid by  the end of January and the cultivative necesseties is not given to the farmers they will not be able to prepare their fields for the coming season.

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