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Tehran: 15-hours of work for brick factory laborers

The Secretary of the Tehran Province Brick Factory Labor Association said seasonal brick factory laborers work 15 hours a day along with their families. These seasonal laborers, working 4 to 5 months each year in brick factories, are forced to work like this because they are out work the rest of the year.

Iran: Another shock to Iran’s economy with the 20% to 30% hike in prices of water, electricity and gas

Following a rise of 24% in the price of electricity and a 20% hike in the price of water in Iran, Mullah Rouhani’s deputy announced government’s act for a 20% to 30% hike in the price of gas.

Tasnim news agency (affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards) reported on March 31 that Rouhani’s cabinet has announced: “Gas prices for households will increase by 20% and for public consumption will go up by 30%.”

Economic Crisis in Iran

Since Rouhani’s election to the presidency of Iran, the situation only gotten worse for the Iranian people. Asides from the many human rights violations, including the arrest and torture of political opponents, the Iranian regime has driven the economy in the wrong direction. In the short time Rouhani has served as president, already a bevy of problems and scandals have beset the economy.

Pakistan announced buying gas from Iran is impossible

Shaheed Khaqan Abbassi, the Pakistani Minister of Oil and Natural Resources who was speaking to the parliament on Friday, March 28, said: “The gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan is under international sanctions and even if it is completed it is impossible to buy gas from Iran.”

Iran: Unemployment catastrophe channels Kurdish laborers to Koulbarei (video)

Poverty and unemployment, in particular in Iran’s deprived provinces including Kurdistan, has channeled people into Koulbarei (carrying heavy loads over the shoulder along the impassable passages of the Iran-Iraq border). To earn a living, these laborers who now number over 10,000 have to buy goods in the Iraqi Kurdistan and carry it on their shoulders all the way to Iran to sell, but nobody in the Islamic Republic of Iran is held responsible for this unemployment catastrophe in Kurdistan. The attached video reminds one of scenes similar to slavery in the medieval ages.

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