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TEHRAN, Iran –  According to the Iranian regime state media from midnight tonigh the gasoline subsidy  was cut.The semi-subsidized gasoline will be presented at 7,000 Rails per litter. It was previously sold at 4,000 Rials.For citizens in Iran, the skyrocketing price of gasoline in relation to the value of their national currency, the Rial, is shocking.

The cost of basic goods and services continues to rise during Rouhani’s term as president. On April 13th, Reza Hosseinpour, the General Director of the Labor Ministry, reported a projected 50-60% increase in the cost of visiting a general or specialist physician in the public sector for this year.

Eshaq Jahangiri,Rouhani’s first deputy, ordered the executive apparatus to implement the act ratified by the cabinet to increase the price of liquid gas (capsules), balk liquid gas, kerosene and Fuel oil . This increase in prices that follows a hike in the water and electricity prices and more than doubling of the price of bread has the deprived class of Iran acutely worried.

NCRI - Public transportation costs in Tehran are to increase by up to 25 per cent, a city official has announced. Taxi, metro and bus fares will all rise next month as the regime is gripped by soaring inflation.

The Secretary of the Tehran Province Brick Factory Labor Association said seasonal brick factory laborers work 15 hours a day along with their families. These seasonal laborers, working 4 to 5 months each year in brick factories, are forced to work like this because they are out work the rest of the year.

The unemployment rate among the Iranian women is at least 2.5 times higher than men, the latest statistics published by the Iranian regime reveals. 

The figure includes the unemployed population of age of 15 years or older. Based on the same report the economic activity rate of population aged 10 and over among the men is almost 5.5 times that of the women.


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