But the Iranian regime, especially the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), which are destroying Iran and the life of its people shock us more and more.

So, you should not wonder when you hear something astonishing from the actions of this regime against the benefits of Iran and the life and health of its people.

Thinking just about their own benefits has made the regime and its IRGC worse than foreign invaders which have no interest in the future and development of Iran. Their acts are worse than the occupiers in the Mongol invasion of Iran (1219-1221) and destruction of more than that by the invaders from Iran’s national treasure.

So, what is the shocking news? The regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) sent 15 ventilators and 5,000 PCR tests and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The Revolutionary Guards’ aid, which included 15 ventilators and 5,000 COVID-19 test kits, was sent to Hezbollah in Lebanon at a time when the Iranian people are in dire need.

A shipment of IRGC aid to Lebanon, including medical and health aid, arrived in Beirut on Monday evening, 5 May 2020, with an Iranian plane.

“In addition to masks and personal protective equipment and disinfectants, these aids include 15 ventilators (artificial respiration devices) and 5,000 diagnostic kits for COVID 19,” said Mohammad Jalal Firuznia, Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon.

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hasan also praised Iran’s medical cargo, saying: “The importance of this cargo is that it contains 15 artificial respirators and a large number of kits for the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease and protective equipment for the medical team. What we received from the Islamic Republic of Iran is a message of friendship, brotherhood, and love.”

The Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hasan is named by Hezbollah as one of its two ministers. He is the former head of the municipality in Baalbak (2013-2016), a Hezbollah stronghold. He studied pharmaceuticals and specialized in medical labs in Moscow, returning to head the laboratories of Al Mais Hospital in Chtaura on the Damascus-Beirut Highway.

Note that artificial respiration is one of the most severe shortages in most hospitals in Iran, but for the clerical regime, the lives of Hezbollah terrorists are more important than the Iranian people.

One of the pharmacy staff from Varamin commented on the high cost of corona health items: “Earlier, when corona arrived, health items were very scarce, but now they are in pharmacies, but their quality is low and their prices are high, such as the price of an ordinary mask which is 3,000 Tomans, filtered mask 12,000 Tomans, hygienic jelly 50,000 Tomans.”

For more than a month, the regime is blaming international sanctions as the main cause of the widespread of the coronavirus in Iran, while claiming that the sanctions are responsible for the lack of any equipment needed to fight the coronavirus. But this fact is in contrast with the regime’s claims.

On this issue, the US Department of State quoting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted:

The world should be vigilant when acting with the regime and should be sure that no aid or support and decreasing the restrictions against this regime would be to the benefit of the Iranian people.


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