He continued: “Be calm, be patient. Just continue to increase the pressure economically and I think they’re very close to breaking. I think this is a very shaky regime.”

He added that the Regime was likely trying to goad the US into a military attack with its malign behaviour, including attacks on oil tankers and the downing of a US drone in the Persian Gulf area. Why? In order to encourage the sort of “nationalism” that would lead the Iranian people to rally together against the US in defence of their country and its despotic government. That’s why Gingrich believes Donald Trump was “very wise” to cancel a planned strike in Iran late last month and instead opt to use cyber attacks on Iranian missiles systems.

On Monday, Trump told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that he “built up a lot of great capital” after his decision, but said that if Iran did escalate things, the US is “in a position to do far worse”.

He added: “But, hopefully, we don’t have to do anything.”

However, Gingrich and Trump don’t need to worry. Iran knows it will lose a full-on war, so they will not attack. The Iranian people know and have been chanting in anti-regime protests for over a year, that their enemies are the mullahs, not the US. All the US needs to do is increase sanctions on Iran and support the Iranian Resistance in order to get regime change in Iran.

This is especially important after the Iranian Regime announced and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed on Monday that Iran has violated the nuclear deal by exceeding the low-enriched uranium stockpile limits agreed in 2015.

In response, Trump said he thought the Regime was “playing with fire”, while Gingrich called on the White House to urge China, India, and Japan to put pressure on Iran because, he said, those countries rely on Iranian oil imports. Of course, this is slightly untrue given the US sanctions on Iran oil in May mean that no countries are legally importing Iranian oil.