In a tweet on 9 March, Faghihi accused Saeed Namaki the Minister of Health of the Iranian regime, and said, “Mr. Namaki, don’t you want to announce the real statistics of the coronavirus deaths? OK, I will do your job. 

“Dear Iranian people! The number of Coronavirus suspected fatalities is close to 2000 in the country (ten times the official figure). More than 130 people died in Tehran and Gilan only yesterday. Mr. Namaki, don’t add salt on people’s injuries!” 

Mostafa Faqihi's tweet over the coronavirus death toll
Mostafa Faghihi’s tweet over the coronavirus death toll

The death toll provided in Mustafa Faghihi’s tweet, which was very close to that of the People’s Mojahedin (MEK/PMOI), forced the regime to quickly retract this revelation. 

Faghihi who, by this inevitable confession, had crossed the red line of the regime, was forced to step back just two hours later, denying his tweet, and wrote: 

The statistics I released a few hours ago were incorrect; my previous tweets about the coronavirus were misinterpreted. My emphasis was on suspected coronavirus (infections), which could be flu or any other disease. 

“There is no place in the cemeteries… the statistics are not real.”

Given this fact, it can be said that the mullahs have lost control over the death toll. This is not the first example of a leak in the actual news of the coronavirus victims outside the government circle. 

Jafar Imanzadeh, the representative of Gilan in the regime’s parliament on 8 March, revealed in a conversation with the regime’s Ruydad website the real statistics about the coronavirus deaths: 

“To be frank, the statistics of the coronavirus infections and deaths are correct, but not true because we do not test everyone. So, people who are suspected or die of coronavirus symptoms are not in the statistics. The cemeteries don’t have enough places and the bodies are buried on top of each other. I do not want to cause panic, but I must be frank and say that many people with coronavirus symptoms have died in the province, but they are not included in the statistics because they were not tested. It seems that only 30 to 40 people in the province die every day from the disease, and the statistics are not accurate.” 

He further stated that more than 300 people had died in Gilan province because of the coronavirus and said: 

“The statistics of coronavirus sufferers and victims are horrible and even test kits are not available for testing suspicious people… There is no bed for new Coronavirus patients in Rasht and the vicinity… We need new medical staff in the city of Rasht and its surroundings because many doctors and nurses are infected with coronavirus or are unable to serve because of fatigue.” 

The denial of this news shows how much the regime’s top officials are frightened of people’s awareness of the more realistic statistics of the coronavirus deaths, especially if expressed by regime insiders. This is because the difference between the real statistics and the announced statistics of the regime again highlights the mismanagement and corruption by the criminal rule of this regime. 


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