Moidfar, a retired University of Tehran professor, said that the accumulation of problems and the “general passivity of government” means that the regime’s collapse is inevitable. 

Moidfar, an advisor to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Developmentsaid: “The system imagines that if it shows the slightest weakness and makes the slightest change, it cannot adapt to that change.”   

However, he is clear that the reluctance to change is not because the mullahs are unaware of the varied and vast problems. Moidfar says the regime officials know what is going on, but they are too scared of losing control to try and fix anything, something that is hastening the regime’s demise. 

Moidfar said: “The result of this false trend is distrust, as well as the spread of corruption and inefficiency [and] deepening of the vast gap between government and society makes it more in-depth.”  

He cited the coronavirus crisis as the latest example of problems exacerbated by the regime’s mismanagement, saying that the issue was made worse by the regime refusing to end travel to China, which increased the spread of the virus. 

Moidfar said: “The huge gap between the people and the system has become so apparent and so deep in society that there is no longer a need for secrecy, [with rift and mistrust spreading] to the inner layers of the government.”   

He continued: “Today, the possibility of activism has been taken away from both insiders and outsiders. That is, we are in a situation where we are practically all moving in one direction, and we are all being pushed in this direction.”  

He advised that the overthrow of the regime was coming because the regime would (or could) not take measures to fix the problem. 

The Iranian Resistance explained that the mullahs’ regime is at a social and economic deadlock, besieged by many intense crises, including the coronavirus, and that rather than waiting to see what will happen, the Iranian people should rise up again. 

The widespread dissatisfaction of the people was made clear in the November 2019 and January 2020 nationwide uprisings. 


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