The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has revealed that over 27,000 people in Iran have died from the coronavirus, something that Rouhani is furious about being revealed.

Even the regime’s own officials have been questioning Rouhani’s claims and decisions.

Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran Coronavirus Control Task Force, said that sending people back to work now would undo all the hard work of the Iranian people and the healthcare services, leading to a “new jump” in the virus, even though they “have not reached the peak in Tehran”. He advised that medical staff were “exhausted” and that some died after becoming infected themselves as they treated patients.

One Iranian epidemiology and infectious disease expert said: “During the next few days the number of deaths will reach unbelievable new heights… I am telling you that the number of new COVID-19 cases across the country has not decreased. What is worth noting is that only six percent or a maximum of ten percent of our patients have been identified… The country has yet to witness its peak in this illness.”

But even though everybody sees the lie, the regime continues.

Why? Because that’s the very thing that the regime is based on. The mullahs could no more stop lying than they could stop breathing. Its entire rule is based on the suppression of truth and dissent. If the regime started to tell the truth now, then it would have a lot of questions to answer, so the regime must repeat their lies, even if everyone can see straight through it.

And if the regime’s rule is based on lies, then it will be overthrown by the truth. That is what the regime is terrified of. The former minister for health and the former political and security deputy of the interior minister have both said that the regime will face security problems after this crisis, with an uprising likely to uproot the regime.

The truth is, while the people of Iran were withering and dying from the coronavirus outbreak, the regime was fast busy taking advantage of the suffering of the people to score political points and to extort the international community for economic benefits. Thus Rouhani is in a deadlock and his next moves hardly matter. He and the regime are doomed.

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