When the Iran nuclear deal was being negotiated, there was an undeniable “echo chamber” that was used to influence the public and the media. The situation was alarming because people who used to work for the National Iranian American Council were being hired by the Obama administration for key National Security Council and State department roles. Some of these people were able to shape the actual nuclear deal.

Many people pointed out that there was a conflict of interest in having US policymakers with close links to the Iranian regime in Tehran.

However, the Obama administration left and the Trump administration entered. So far we have seen no evidence that the Iran lobbyists are active with this administration. In fact, it seems that this administration wants nothing to do with the likes of Parsi. Obama’s policy of appeasement towards Iran has been criticised and the Iran lobby has lost its great influence.

Two years ago, the Obama administration was warned about Iran’s belligerence. Now, we can look back with certainty and say that, without a doubt, Iran is the most destabilising influence in the Middle East.

Iran has been backing Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad for years, effectively fuelling the civil war in the country. It has sent high numbers of fighters, used chemical weapons on civilians and has drawn Russia into the war.

Iran has provoked war with Saudi Arabia by initiating the Houthi rebellion in Yemen. Iran has been firing rockets and mortar shells into Pakistan, escalating tensions between the two countries.

Iran is also continuing to work on its ballistic missile program and is aggressively deploying its military. Iran’s navy has been involved in several provocative incidents, in particular with US Navy ships.

So, how can the Iran lobby defend such actions? It can’t, and this is partly why the Iranian opposition has strengthened. Iran is on the receiving end of more and more criticism from the international community and it cannot be defended any longer. The NIAC has gone quiet for the most part, with the exception of efforts to stop Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) from being listed as a terrorist organisation.

The Iranian Resistance will put an end to the regime’s belligerence as long as it has the backing of the international community. And it is in the interests of the international community to do this.