Jahangiri, who was speaking at the introduction ceremony for the new education minister, said: “No one said the economic decisions adopted in 2018 were based on economic science. Security was the main issue in those decisions, especially since we had precise information about which regional country wanted to spend money and apply pressure against us.”

He continued by saying that the US is exerting maximum pressure on Iran to ensure, at minimum, “the collapse of the economy” and eventually “the collapse of the Islamic Republic”.

These comments come as protests continue in many Iranian cities against the regime’s economic policies and the broken economy, with all sectors of society taking to the streets, due to unpaid wages, unemployment, and poverty.

The people cite that the regime is spending their money on the military and proxy terrorist groups, rather than resources that will help the Iranian people. They people can regularly be seen shouting slogans like “Leave Syria, think about us,” and “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran”.

Jahahgiri’s latest comments only prove that the priority of the Iranian regime is to fulfill its “security” needs, such as developing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons or propping up its allies and proxies in the Middle East, rather than serve the needs of the Iranian people. On Saturday, Iran launched a missile attack on the Saudi Arabian oil facility.

Every year, the regime spends billions of dollars to fund the Bashar Assad regime in Syria, the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon, Shiite militias in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen, who have displaced the legitimate government. This has greatly increased under the presidency of Hassan Rouhani, wrongly considered a “moderate” figure by many in the West, all while the Iranian economy dwindles and spirals into bankruptcy and recession.

On a related note, a senior Iranian lawmaker has called for the seizure of Canadian vessels in the Persian Gulf in order to recoup lost money, after the Canadian Supreme Court ordered the seizure and sale of Iranian assets in Canada with proceeds going to victims of the regime’s terrorism.

Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, who previously chaired the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the regime’s parliament, said Sunday: “We must seize vessels carrying goods and products to Canada, and this must happen urgently… An official list of Canadian assets and properties inside Iran should be prepared.”

It should be noted that Iran already seized the British-flagged Stena Impero oil tanker in retaliation for the UK detaining an Iranian vessel allegedly violating European Union sanctions by carrying Iranian crude to Syria.