The late leader of the movement for the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, in a military court 68 years ago said something that still resonates in the ears and can be reminded to Iran’s current and future generations as valuable teaching.

“Truly, my only sin, my great and really big sin is that I have nationalized Iran’s oil industry, and I have dismantled the political and economic influence of the world’s largest empires and colonialism from this country.

“I come to grip with the most appalling colonial organizations and international espionage, at the expense of the loss of myself and my family, and the expense of my life and property. God has granted me success so that with the efforts and determination of the free people of this country, I have defeated this terrible apparatus.”

Keeping this speech in mind, let us have a flashback to 1979, the year of Iran’s revolution. The year in which the regime’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini arrived in Iran without having any feelings about this event as he himself once said, and to create the worst dictatorship in Iran’s history.

Meanwhile, the leader of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK), Massoud Rajavi, spoke about the ‘Democratic Revolution of Iran’ in his first speech on January 24, 1979, just three days after he was released from prison. This remark was not welcomed by those who claimed to have seen the image of Khomeini on the moon. In this speech, Massoud Rajavi, while Khomeini had not yet arrived in Iran, drew the line with fundamentalism and said:

“I didn’t come here to just praise the spontaneous process. We didn’t come to confirm that which just exists. We should think about what must be, and what must not be. Do we want to be the cursed generation, the cursed generation that missed opportunities?

“My brothers and I did not come to this university, to this place of martyrdom, and to this shrine, to recognize everything that happens spontaneously as being perfect.” (Massoud Rajavi)

For the leader of the MEK, it was clear that Khomeini and his companions are just some opportunists and fundamentalists who will finally steal the people’s struggle for a free and democratic country and who do not care about the fate of the people and country.

It was clear for them that Khomeini’s people are not able and do not have the capacity and competency to lead the country to a free democratic and progressive country.

Instead of saying goodbye to power as he claimed before taking the power in the country, Khomeini accused the Mojahedin of hypocrisy for exposing his nature and that of his gang. He, therefore, decreed that the life and property of the MEK are ‘permissible’ and its gang members can capture and kill them freely.

Now 43 years after this event, some of the regime’s elements are forced to confess about their inability. Mostafa Hashemi Taba in an article entitled ‘We cannot’ counted some of these inabilities and wrote:

  • Admitting to the import of smuggled clothes with 12-meter containers and involvement of the regime’s anti-trafficking headquarters in this case.
  • Admitting to the import of 30 billion smuggled cigarettes into the country, which if we place it in a 12-meter container, requires 3,000 containers.
  • Admitting that there are 400,000 deep and unauthorized wells in Iran and harvesting excess water. In addition, there are one million wells throughout Iran, while uncontrolled water pumping has caused. extreme land degradation in Iran and is threatening the country to become a wasteland.
  • Inability to have control over inflation which is now more than 40 percent, and the unification of currency prices.
  • Inability to reform banks’ systems and control liquidity.
  • Inability to develop agriculture, improve architecture, inability to produce cars, and inability to contain forest harvesting just focus on this:

“For years, we say agriculture is the centerpiece of the development, but our agriculture is still governed by the systems of the past centuries, causing degradation and we are importing 15 million tons of agricultural products annually.

“So ‘we can’t’ organize agriculture. Of course, apparently, we are going to import 25 million tons in the next 10 years. For years, we have been chanting about Islamic architecture, but still, luxury towers or apartments with pools and jacuzzi and villas hundreds of billions of tomans have been built or are under construction, and Islamic architecture did not progress.

“So ‘we can’t’ vitalize the Islamic architecture. For years, garbage and sewage have seized our cities and their suburbs, but despite simple solutions, we have not been able to get rid of them.

“For years, everyone is taking a stand against domestic car production, calling them the Death Chariot, but still these cars are produced, so ‘we can’t’ reform the car production.

“We’ve been opposing forest harvesting for years, but our forests are shrinking more and more, so ‘we can’t’ fight forest harvesting.” (State-run daily Sharq, October 30, 2021)

Finally, he exposed Khamenei and Raisi’s claims about the real culprit and wrote: “It has nothing to do with the sanctions, the USA, Israel and everyone else.” (State-run daily Sharq, October 30, 2021)

And added: “If we want to count all these ‘we can’t’-s, maybe our life will be not enough.” (State-run daily Sharq, October 30, 2021)

The sad truth, as a result, is that the regime has left nothing but a wasteland for the people, something that the MEK has warned from the beginning, which was their only sin from the regime’s perspective. Thus, the regime spent the next four decades killing and displacing the most valuable people of the country and replacing them with a bunch of thugs.