These anti-regime protests began last December and quickly spread across all provinces in Iran, despite the mullahs efforts to suppress them by arresting at least 8,000 protesters and killing 50 in the streets. The regime change movement has attracted support across Iran, even from groups traditionally loyal to the mullahs.

With the US placing sanctions on the Regime, this will limit the resources that the mullahs can use to violently suppress their people and make regime change a reality sooner.

So, the Regime, desperate to cling onto power, launched a diplomatic campaign to save the 2015 nuclear deal, which the US pulled out of in May, by appealing to the other countries that signed it (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China). This has failed to produce any real results for the Regime and has not stopped the Iranian rial from losing over 60% of its value since April alone.

Now, inflation is soaring and basic necessities are in short supply; all thanks to the Regime’s squandering of the Iranian people’s wealth and inability to stick to an accord that put hardly any restrictions on it.

The Iranian people are angry, as well they should be, and are demanding an end to the Regime that has suppressed them for 39 years and put them in a place where the economy is failing. They are calling out the so-called reformists and making it clear that there is no difference between hardliners and moderates in the Regime. They’re telling the Regime as a whole that their time is up.

Human rights activist Heshmat Alavi wrote: “What we are witnessing in the protests spreading across Iran during the past ten months have been a wave launched by the largely poor and rural branches of Iran’s society. Setting aside those ruling the country and enjoying ties to the regime, the economic crisis engulfing Iran is having a deep impact on nearly every household.”

The Regime has responded with arbitrary arrests, executions, and slanderous statements about the protesters being directed by outsiders, but the people have continued to fight for their rights; including the right not to live in poverty and the right to basic freedoms that the West takes for granted. The Regime has squashed dissent for over 40 years, but these protests are organised by the Iranian Resistance and are much harder for the Regime to stop. Soon, the Iranian people will take over Iran and live in freedom.