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The Regime’s suppressive security forces came in to shut down the protests with violence which left hundreds injured and five dead.

by Jazeh Miller

Over 250 members of a religious minority in Iran have been given harsh sentences for their protests over the Regime’s discrimination of them, according to state-run news agency IRNA.

The Iranian police accused the detained of “damaging public virtue through the organized spreading of anti-cultural” activities.

by Jazeh Miller

The Iranian Regime’s authorities have arrested at least 44 people connected to the so-called Instagram modelling industry for posting “immoral images” online.

Iranian authorities announced earlier this year, that they had detained 29 women

by Poorang Novak
According to Shaparak Shajarizadeh, who says she has left Iran to escape “injustices”, she has been sentenced to two years in prison in addition to an 18-year suspended prison term for peacefully protesting the obligatory hijab rule, by removing her head scarf in public in Tehran in December,

According to human rights activists in Iran, Qaisari, who is not a member of the Dervish minority, went to the scene of the anti-regime protests on February 19 and 20

By INU Staff

INU - A journalist has been sentenced to seven years in prison for attempting to cover the anti-regime protests by religious minority group the Gonadabi Dervishes, in Tehran in February, according to an Iranian state-controlled news site.

 often dressed up as national security by the mullahs

By INU Staff

INU - An end to legal rights in IranDespite promises from President Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian Regime’s judiciary is increasing its efforts to strip defendants of their civil and legal rights, including due process, according to political scientist Dr Majid Rafizadeh.

1988 massacre, when the Regime murdered 30,000 prisoners affiliated with the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in just a few months

By INU Staff

INU - The Iranian Regime’s defining feature is the attempts to slaughter anyone who stands in the way of the Revolution.

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