As the anniversary of the 2022 nationwide protests in Iran approaches, the regime’s security and law enforcement forces have initiated a wave of mass arrests targeting women, as well as political and social activists, across the country. Reports from various cities indicate that following the series of expulsions, summons, and arrests of students, the focus has shifted to women activists and political figures.

On August 16th, a sweeping crackdown on women’s rights activists unfolded in Gilan, resulting in the arrest and undisclosed transfer of several individuals:

  1. Matin Yazdani, a women’s rights activist and photographer residing in Rasht.
  2. Forough Saminia, a women’s rights activist, was apprehended by security agents at her residence.
  3. Yasmin Hashdari, a women’s rights activist and poet living in Anzali, was detained at her home by security personnel.
  4. Jelveh Javaheri, a women’s rights activist, was also arrested at her home by security agents.
  5. Zahra and Zohre Dadres, women’s rights activists residing in Rasht, were taken into custody at their residence by security forces.
  6. Negin Rezaei, a women’s rights activist living in Fuman City, was arrested at her home by security agents.

Furthermore, on August 16th, all family members of Kumar Daroftade, one of the protesters killed by regime security forces, were arrested by armed security agents, coinciding with Kumar’s birthday. The family was en route to their son’s grave when detained. Despite prior threats, Kumar’s father proceeded to hold a ceremony for his son’s birth.

Amid these arrests, Shiva Shah Siah was also added to the roster of detained individuals in Gilan. On the morning of August 16th, a significant number of political activists, particularly women, were apprehended and taken to undisclosed locations. Shiva Shah Siah was arrested at her home in Lahijan.

Later that day, news broke that Vahadeh Khoshsirat, a women’s rights activist residing in Lahijan city, was arrested at her home by security agents around 4:00 PM. Details regarding her detention facility and condition remain unknown.

Narges Sardari, wife of theater actor and social skills facilitator Mehdi Etemad Saeed, was arrested on the morning of August 16th, along with her young daughter, when security forces raided their private residence. Their daughter, Afra, was detained alongside her mother until noon, eventually being released to her grandmother’s care.

Mehdi Etemad Saeed had been arrested in Tehran’s Laleh Park on June 9th, with his whereabouts still undisclosed.

Adding to the list of detainees on August 16th, women’s rights activist and pharmacist Homan Taheri, along with political activist Hiva Rahneshin, were apprehended by security agents at their Rasht residence. Information about the detaining agency, charges, and destination remains unavailable.

In Gilan province alone, 12 women activists have been arrested. According to a report by ‘Kordpa’ in Mahabad, security forces arrested Mamel Sharifi, Arsalan Khairi, and Hiva Rahneshin, subsequently taking them to undisclosed locations. Hiva Rahanshin was arrested on August 16th, while Mamel Sharifi and Arslan Khairi were arrested on August 14th.

Piranshahr has also not been spared from the regime’s widespread arrests. Hossein Mahmoodpour, a 46-year-old resident of ‘Gargul Sefali’ village in Piranshahr, was apprehended on the morning of August 15th and taken to an undisclosed location.

Additionally, Mahsa Basiratwana, sister of Mehran Basiratwana killed in the 2022 popular uprising, was arrested by regime forces in Fuman. Azadeh Chavoshian, a women’s activist in Rasht, was also arrested by security forces on August 17th in the same city.

Notably, information about the detaining agency, charges, and location remains absent in these cases.

Ahmed Alizadeh, a prominent teachers’ trade union activist from Abdanan, Ilam province, has been sentenced to three years and one day in prison for forming a group with the intent of disrupting the country’s security. This sentence was reduced from an initial six years and one day of imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Maryam Farhang and Pooya Talebian, both civil activists and rock climbers, were arrested by the regime’s security forces in Isfahan. The condition of Arash Ghanbari and Shahnaz Ghanbari, who were previously arrested, remains unknown.

Maryam Farhang and Pooya Talebian were detained on June 5th by the Ministry of Intelligence forces. So far, the only information about Maryam Farhang is a brief phone call indicating her transfer to the Soroush detention center of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Nyusha Badiisabet, a Baha’i resident of Tehran, was arrested by the city’s repression forces during her trip to Babol. Information about the detaining institution, charges, and location after transfer remain unavailable. Badiisabet, a psychologist and interpreter, has previously experienced arrests.