Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei last year decided to contract his government and started slowly to eliminate the figures of the so-called reformist faction in the hope of strengthening its government and being able to face upcoming protests and as well external crises. The final bullet of this decision was the appointment of Ebrahim Raisi as the regime’s president, not least because the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran boycotted the presidential election.

Along with this contraction, Khamenei appointed the infamous and cruel Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’I as the chief of the judiciary, replacing Ebrahim Raisi. It seems that the execution machine of this regime has started its work again so that the regime executed 12 persons last week.

Having a disastrous case in human rights, this regime is making any negotiation and appeasement illicit.

Execution of five prisoners in Isfahan and Lakan prisons in Rasht

The HRANA website reported on Sunday, July 18, that Iranian officials executed three prisoners in Isfahan Central Prison and two other prisoners in Lakan Prison in Rasht on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 13 and 14.
The identities of the three prisoners executed in Isfahan Central Prison were Raouf Rezaeifar, Hashem Bavarmand, and Mohammad Farokhi, and the other two prisoners executed in Lakan Prison in Rasht were Farzan Masoumzadeh, 36, and Omid Yari, 57.

Execution of two prisoners in Urmia

Two prisoners were executed in Urmia Prison on Sunday, July 18. The identities of these prisoners were Babak Aslani and Mohsen Isfahani.

Execution of three prisoners in Isfahan Central Prison – July 13

On the morning of Tuesday, July 13, Iranian officials executed three prisoners, Sajjad Sohrabi, Mehrdad Khaksar, and Hossein Poozesh, in Isfahan Central Prison. On the same day, a prisoner named Ali Mohammadi was executed in Jiroft.

Execution of two prisoners in Adelabad prison in Shiraz – July 11

Iranian officials executed two prisoners in Adelabad prison in Shiraz. The two prisoners were identified as Mohammad Hassan Taheri Haghighi and Hossein Nemati, about 35 years old. Nemati was held in Adelabad Prison in Shiraz since 2017 (Hrana, July 11).

Execution of two prisoners in Isfahan Central Prison – July 10

On Saturday, July 10, two brothers were executed in Isfahan Central Prison, after being repeatedly transferred for execution and returned to prison, which is famous as mocked execution in Iran. According to reports, Amir Jalilifar and Akbar Jalilifar, two brothers sentenced to death, were executed in Isfahan Central Prison. The two brothers, along with three other prisoners, were transferred to a quarantine cell on July 3, 2021.

Amir Jalilifar, 56, and Akbar Jalilifar, 42, from Isfahan, were both arrested on drug charges and sentenced to death. Akbar Jalilifar was married and had two children.