According to human rights groups inside Iran, 8 other prisoners were group hanged in Ghezel Hessar Prison of Karaj, near Tehran, on the same day. The 8 dead were between 22 to 41 years old. The day before they were transferred to solitary confinement and the reason for their execution has not been announced. 5 people were executed in southern Iran in the Bandar Abbas Prison. The hanged were Khalil Qassemi, Abdullah Reissi, Asghar Mohseni, Foad Sadeqi and Ebrahim Salari, all prisoners in Bandar Abbas Prison. Another prisoner is awaiting his execution. At the same time, 4 more people were executed in Kerman, in central Iran. The new wave of executions is considered a new record for killings in a day for the office of Iran’s new president Rouhani.