I was informed … a number of other critics and reformers were called to prison by the tyrannical regime. They have put new pressures on the prisoners. A regime that in the past 35 years has taken no other path than oppression, injustice, usurping public wealth, and increasing poverty. And it is unclear how long it wants to continue these inhumane and anti-human rights methods.

A new round of pressure on dissidents and flagrant human rights violations implies that the government has no intention of softening its stance toward the people and critics.

But the resistance of freedom seekers and persistence of consecutive generations, despite 30 years of suppression and human rights violations, show that the flame of freedom cannot be extinguished and what one day will be extinguished is the destructive fire of tyranny.

As a human rights advocate who have suffered 60 years for freedom and democracy in Iran, condemn recent pressures and arrests and warn the rulers of this clerical regime to cease human rights violation and harassment of critics and political and civil elites, release political prisoners and prisoners of conscious with any belief and thought, and rest assured that if you continue these actions, your fate will not be any better than other authoritarian regimes.

Dr. Mohammad Maleki

February 2014