The families of inmates in the main Karoon prison in city of Ahwaz (south west Iran) have reported that the death sentences for many prisoners have been confirmed by the Iranian regime’s judiciary.

The death sentences issued for the prisoners have been sent to the country’s capital to be confirmed by the judiciary.

The death sentence for at least 73 prisoners has been confirmed on Tuesday, February 18.

The number of executions since the beginning of 2014 reached at least 132 of which 32 executions were conducted during less than a week following protests by Bakhtiaris in a number of cities across the country.

The executions are aimed at intimidating the public to prevent uprising.

On 5th February Mohammad Javad Larijani, the Iranian judiciary’s director of human rights headquarters, once again attacked UN Special Rapporteur Ahmad Shaheed. Larijani also that Iran will not replicate the West and the US.

Larijani stated: “Reports of Ahmad Shaheed about the situation of human rights in Iran lacks validity and is worthless for pragmatists in the world and has the minimum methodology. Human Rights that the US and their proxies talk about, is for them and for us is worth nothing. We are the star of progress in Civil Law and Diplomacy in the Middle East. Democracy that is implemented in Iran is the region’s largest democracy.”