Mojtaba Vahedi, the head of the regime’s judiciary in Damavand, was quoted on Tasnim saying that security forces had monitored this activity and obtained a warrant to arrest the party-goers.

He indicated that charges would be filed against them.

Vahedi added: “Families must be more vigilant regarding their children to make sure they do not end up in such circumstances.”

Shahin Gobadi of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said: “[This] indicates the vulnerable and shaky state of a regime that cannot even tolerate private festivities of the people, particularly the youth. It is becoming more evident that the mullahs are totally paranoid of any social gathering in fear of a popular uprising.”

Gobadi reiterated that the idea of a moderate Iran was a myth as it continues to repress its citizens. He noted that the clerical regime resorts to these extreme methods because of growing uprisings amongst its people.

This was not the first time that young people have been punished for celebration; the past three months has seen some 350 young Iranians arrested for attending a birthday party or a graduation celebration, with the vast majority being flogged as a punishment by the so-called ‘Morality Police’.