Mr. Zamani, a political prisoner and a labor activist of 49, staged a hunger strike on March 11 to protest his transfer to Ghezel Hessar Prison (near Karaj) and his putting amongst criminal prisoners done with the objective to pressure him. Due to his many days of hunger strike, Mr. Zamani was in a poor physical condition and had lost much weight. He had been transferred to prison’s infirmary a few times as his health deteriorated. But finally he forced the prison authorities to return him back to Gohardasht Prison among his friends.

With the return of Shahrokh Zamani, Mr. Behnam Ebrahimzadeh and a few other political prisoners who had begun a hunger strike in his support on April 12 also ended their hunger strike. They had vowed to continue their hunger strike until Mr. Zamani is returned to Gohardasht.

Previously, on March 8, Shahrokh Zamani had gone on another hunger strike for three days in solidarity with the imprisoned dervishes.