On April 14th, the state-run daily of Shargh wrote that the inflation rate in the medical services is even higher than the general inflation figure in Iran:

“Currently, according to the latest statistics of the Central Bank, the healthcare last year experienced a 49% inflation rate, although the rate of inflation in the country was 30%.”  

This inflation has irrecoverable damaged the poor strata of Iranian society, including cancer patients and others with critical diseases. 

The Shargh report also stated: 

“It seems that the authorities are adjusting the healthcare expenses normalized to the 49% anticipated inflation in the current year. This measure is beneficial to public hospitals and insurance organizations, but imposes harsh conditions on the people using these medical centers.”

According to the information available, in a span of 10 years, the price of visiting general physicians in the public sector has jumped by 400%. For private general physicians, this figure has increased eleven fold. Similarly, visits by specialists, professors, and psychologists have markedly increased.” 

The restrictions imposed by patients’ insurance providers force many people to refer to private doctors and hospitals. They have to choose between either incurring very high costs or abandoning their medical treatment altogether. Given that 50% of Iranians live below the poverty line, it is clear this is a situation that must be resolved.