Tehran, March, 11, 2018 – Iranian political prisoner Soheil Arabi in the Grater Tehran Prison sent a voice message on his 46th day of hunger strike, calling on the Iranian people to gather outside prisons to demand the release of political prisoners.

Soheil is in critical condition due to the long and continuous hunger strike, but he is determined to continue the strike rejecting any food or even any IV injection.

 “Do not forget those who love freedom. Neither my political activities nor my hunger strike is for my personal interest. I jeopardized my life to let my voice be heard. I urge my compatriots to gather in front of prisons to demand the release of all political prisoners. I am determined to leave your world which is full of injustice. I fought, so that children of labor would not shiver from cold, and no one would have to be executed or imprisoned for loving freedom.