In their letter the prisoners demanded: the return of all battered prisoners who had been sent to solitary confinement, investigating the attack on prison and prosecuting the perpetrators, immediate dispatch of the injured to forensic medicine to assess the extent of physical injuries, sending the injured to hospital for medical treatment, officially apologize from the prisoners and their families, and compensation for the material and moral damages.

The text of the statement is as follows: 

To the noble people of Iran, 

As you were informed on Thursday, April 17, with flimsy excuses men carrying batons attacked Ward 350 for four hours terrorizing and beating up the prisoners. They severely beat some and sent them to solitary confinement. Five days after this event, the authorities continue to evade assuming any responsibility and brand the incident as a propaganda tumult. The prison and plainclothes agents acted illegally and breached human rights that are considered violation of prisoners’ rights and human rights.

1.Beating severely the prisoners

2.Intentionally injuring a number of prisoners 

3.Not sending the injured to hospital and medical centers 

4.Not following up the complaints of the prisoners 

5.Shaving forcibly the hair of prisoners in order to humiliate them 

6.Handcuffing and blindfolding  

7.Destroying personal properties of the prisoners 

Regarding the cases of violation of prisoners rights and numerous cases of violation of principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we, the political prisoners, demand the following: 

1.Return of all beaten prisoners who were sent to ward 240 solitary confinements 

2.Investigation of the issue and prosecuting the transgressors of the law

3.Sending the injured immediately to forensic medicine to assess the physical injuries

4.Sending the injured to hospital for medical treatment

5.Official apology of the prisoners and their families

6.Compensation for the material and moral damages

It is necessary to remind that we go on an unlimited hunger strike until our demands is fulfilled despite our will and regarding the fact that there is no way left to convey our message and following our demands.