According to reports from inside Iran the court in Ahvaz (capital of Khuzestan Province, southwestern Iran) sentenced Habib Silahu, Habib Chayan, Hossein Chabishat, Karim Chayan, Salaheddin Chabishat (son of Ali Chabishat) to six-month prison terms each.  

Previously, in November 2012, these five, together with Ali Chabishat, Salman Chayan and Seyyed Khaled Mousavi, had been arrested in an attack by the intelligence forces and were severely tortured in the detention center of the Intelligence Department for several months.

Earlier, Ali Chabishat, Seyyed Khaled Mousavi and Salman Chayan had been tried in the 4th Branch of Ahvaz Court on the charges of acting against the national security, Moharebeh and opposing the supreme leader ruling Iran. Seyyed Khaled Mousavi and Ali Chabishat were sentenced to death and Salman Chayan was condemned to 25 years of prison and exile.