“Shredded pen,” “chopped bodies,” “broken arms,” and of course the, “request of arm amputations” are the extremely aggressive expressions that the Iranian officials use to scare the people in fear of any protests and the downfall of their rule.

To find out the reason we will focus on two of the examples.

“Break Their Shins”

On January 2, the deputy chief of police, Qassem Rezaei, rebuked his repressive agents in front of the camera in broad daylight: “You have to make [the detainee] to throw down the machete. That means that they should not have hands. If you arrested these people at the scene and they were safe, you must answer why they are safe. Their hands must have been broken and their limbs must be dropped.  If they draw machetes, you have to break their shin.”

“The Hand Amputation Order Must Be Implemented”

Less than three days after this scandalous expression, clergyman Nasser Musa Largani, a member of the presidium of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis), showed another page of the atrocities and institutionalized brutality in this system and demanded the amputation of the hands of those who are called ‘criminals’ in the culture of this regime.

“Global arrogance in this regard [the inhuman sentence of hand amputation] puts Iran under the magnifying glass and even calls into question the implementation of Islamic laws, and this issue has closed the hands of judges, but the sentence of hand amputation must be carried out for thieves to stop these criminals from evil,” State-run daily Entekhab wrote on January 5.

“Culprits” and “Thugs” in the Clerical Culture

Who are these criminals that the regime’s officials are talking about in the guise of a Majlis presidium member?

This member of the parliament explicitly admits that they are unemployed people who have lost their jobs due to the closure of factories and have no choice but to commit a crime to support themselves and their families.

According to these statements, when the ‘unemployed workers’ and the ‘deprived stratum’ of society, in other words, the ‘hungry army’ are called ‘thieves’ in the repressive culture of this regime, the definition of ‘thugs’ is also clear.

Wrapping Up an Inefficient Version of Repression

This mullah, a member of the parliament, gives an interesting guide to solving the problem of unemployment and hunger in society:

Hiring new and more people to strengthen the repressive police force and increasing the number of prisons to accumulate more of those arrested.

Khamenei Uses “Security” As Excuse for Suppression

“The police force does not have enough manpower and facilities to deal with thieves. Therefore, it is necessary for the administrative and employment organization of the country to give a license to the police force to be able to strengthen its body to deal with criminals. Of course, the penitentiaries also do not have the capacity to maintain a large population of thieves, and solving this problem also requires providing the necessary funds to complete the facilities and develop the spaces in this sector,” wrote State-run daily Entekhab on January 5.

Suppression, Flip Side of the Regime’s Despair

These two examples show that Iranian society has entered a new phase of the conflict with the dictatorship. In this phase, previous suppression standards are no longer responsive; because the aroused masses are no longer afraid of them and react to them at the opposite point. News of the seizure of various weapons speaks clearly about it.

Clergyman Mohamad Mehdi Mandegari, one of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei‘s allies, on January 6, in an interview with Isfahan state television, while expressing fear of hatred and nationwide anger, said:

“Today, someone goes to the middle of the square to do what is known as ‘enjoining good and forbidding wrong,’ suddenly he is stabbed with knives. Others do not come to defend him, and they want to film. Be afraid of this situation.”

Now the clerical dictatorship is in such despair and misery that, in fear of a social explosion and an uprising in ambush, it is forced to resort again to the rusty weapon of naked repression and intimidating childish threats. Because in the last phase of his existence, fraudulent goods such as ‘citizenship rights’, ‘constitution’, ‘Islamic compassion’, and the ‘high tower of democracy‘ no longer have a use.

If We Don’t Let People Protest, They Will Overrun This Regime