They also express their love for their loved ones through sending beautiful cards, kind messages, and offering gifts or cash that known “Eidi” among Iranians.

Majid Assadi, a political prisoner who is held in Rajaishahr (Gohardasht) Prison in Karaj, sent a congratulatory message to the people. In his letter, which we obtained a copy, Majid Assadi initially congratulated the start of the spring, writing, “Happy spring to all.” He also mentioned what Iran’s society passed in the 40 years of the ominous rule of the mullahs and highlighted their criminal secrecy about the coronavirus outbreak. He continued, “In the final days of 1398 [in the Persian Calendar], while my compatriots are suffering and passing tough days, I share in their suffering and sadness. Which honest soul can be indifference when dozens and hundreds of loved ones and innocent people are dying in all corners of [our] homeland?

“For 40 years, [the mullahs’] regime passed every crisis by resorting to lying, crime, and ignorance. [The mullahs] played with millions of lives in a grandstanding election, which is held to portray their regime as a legitimate rule.

“After the passing of several months, the regime has yet to announce clear stats about victims of the November protests. Therefore, how does it expect that the people trust its claims over transparency and accept its statistics of the coronavirus death toll?

“These days, the people struggle hard to obtain minimum hygienic items, while the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and [terrorist apparatus] provide [the governments of] Syria, Iraq, and Yemen with missiles and drones at the expense of Iranians. They contribute the Iranian national wealth to fill the arsenals of their foreign allies, in tandem with false claims for our compatriots. The mullahs deliver bogus prescriptions and refer our people to ancient medicines instead of providing the necessary health equipment and disinfectant items for them.

“In reality, the virus of the mullahs’ regime [Velayat-e Faqih] is the mother of all viruses in Iran. It is the most massive calamity in Iran’s contemporary history, and the continuation of [the regime] means annihilation of [Iran in its entirety].

In his open letter, Majid Assadi added, “On the eve of spring, despite the regime turning the Nowruz celebration into mourning and sadness; Nowruz is the time for paying homage to the tradition of unity, change, and overcome of brightness and goodness on darkness and evil. Youths and resistance units [supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside Iran] are determined to change the regime and achieve victory in the war of fate.

“Long live the memory of all martyrs of November protests. With sincere prayers for all patients and wishing to achieve freedom, prosperity, and welfare for all the people, happy spring to all.”

Iranian political prisoner Majid Assadi, from Gohardasht Prison, March 2020


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