According to reports from inside Iran on March 6th, following the hunger strike of 10 political prisoners who identify as Gonabadi Daravishs, a religious minority, over 1000 Daravishs have gone on hunger strike. There are reports that the physical condition of 3 of the hunger strikers has deteriorated.

The lawyers for these jailed Daravishs demand that due to declining physical conditions from the hunger strike they must be transferred to hospitals outside their prison unit. They also demand the return of prisoners who were transferred from Evin to Gohardasht prison, and to put a halt on illegal actions by the judicial and security officials.

It is noteworthy to point out that despite the fact that there is a political section in Bandar Abbas prison; these Dervishes were deliberately sent to the ward which houses drug addicts and violent criminals.

These prisoners wrote a letter pointing out the destruction of their churches and places of worship in cities of Qom, Isfahan, and Broujerd. They had also pointed out that followers of their belief are fired from government institutions, harassed and imprisoned routinely without justification. Despite numerous complaints about the unjust behavior of prison officials, specifically pressures applied by chief judge Salavati, they have not had received any response.

“Going on hunger strike is considered the last tool by the prisoner that they will only resort to when all other avenues have been closed”, they added.